I Stole A Baby Because I Want To Have A Child That Will Call Me Mother, Women Who Stole Baby In Plateau Confesses  

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Yakubu Busari

A 33 year old Mother Leritshimwa Diyal who has spent 8 years in her matrimonial home without a child has gone on wild expedition to steal a newly born child confessed that she wanted a child who can call her mother and that was why she did that.


According to Leritshimwa Diyal of Zawan in Jos South local government area, I regretted my action and I wish I am dead than face this kind of humiliation.


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“I want to face the wrath of the law alone without anyone, I deserve to be punished, please treat me alone as a criminal, she cries out.”


However, she claimed earlier she has given birth in a kidnappers den on the 28th May, 2019 but was exposed after it was discovered that she stole a baby and she said what made her do what she is did is to have a child who will call her mother.


She said I have deceived my own husband and members of my own family to pay the sum of 400, 000 naira as compensation to fake kidnappers.


During an interview at the Plateau state Police Command on Thursday ,she said ,”I  sneaked into Plateau hospital where the newly born baby and her mother were resting as I dress in Nursing clothe to disguise as one of them , she said .


The Mother of the new born  baby Mrs  Mary Chukwuebuka of COCIN church Zarmaganda raised alarm immediately but she even identified me in person ,we took the little baby girl to Evangelical Wing All Hospital ,popularly called ,(Bingham’s) were my mother work there as staff .


My mum took the child to the Medical Doctor in Bingham Teaching Hospital for medical for treatment because we observe the child had health challenges and my breast can’t produce meal for her daily consumption.


The Plateau state police got a report of a missing baby and the commissioner confirmed that the command swung into action of going after the culprit and one of the family member quickly asked of the missing baby sex and we told him is a female child, where he led the team of the investigators to the whereabouts of the missing baby.


We had to send out detectives to all hospitals in town including Bingham Teaching Hospital to ascertain whether she really gave birth. After a painstaking investigation, the police discovered that Leritshimwa did not give birth, as she claimed in her interview.


Leritshimwa  couldnt  hold back her tears as she said ,oh God I had 15 miscarriages in eight years  of   marriage, God has rejected me ,the world had turned her back on me ,oh in my  eager to have a child of my  own ,that is  why I  hatched this plan after planning to adopt a child failed, She confesses.

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