Hunters Killed A Suicide Bomber In Adamawa By Tom Garba, Yola

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Tashar Marghi area of Gombi town in Adamawa state witnessed a large turned up of crowds in the early hours of yesterday as some of the  residents of the area rushed to a scene of how a suspected  suicide bomber was killed by local hunters while trying to detonate an IED in a mosque.
The residents in their number were also griped  with fear and apprehension for sighting an aircraft hovering around the town in military colours depositing expired bombs in the surrounding bushes.
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An eyewitness who confirmed the incidents said on that during early hours of Monday  when the Muslim faithful were observing  prayers a suicide bomber attempted to launch  a bomb attack on the Mosque at Tashshar Marghi area of Gombi town but met his waterloo.
 “Early hours of Monday during the dawn prayers, a suicide bomber carrying two explosives have been shot and killed by local hunters.
He noted that  the development has reignited tension in the area following the suspected bombs deposited behind the Walawa hills by military hovercrafts.
He said they became suspicious of the said hovercraft as it kept  hovering  the town for a very long time  and was depositing  expired bombs which at first they thought it was real bombs.
Another resident in the area, Mallam Kalla also noted that at first they thought that the hovercrafts was depositing bombs which led to tensions and apprehension in the area but later discovered that they were depositing expired bombs.
“After a long time encircling the town, the hovercraft finally deposited weapons suspected to be bombs behind the Gombi hills, which at first we thought they were depositing real bombs but later we were told that the military were depositing expired bombs “ he said
While confirming the two developments, the Public Relations Officer of Adamawa state police command DSP Othman Abubakar said  the bombs in questions have expired and the authorities dropped  them there adding that residents should go about their businesses as the bombs will not cause any harm.
‘’Yes military authorities have confirmed to us, that the bombs have expired so people  should not be  scared,’’ said he.

“On the killing of the suspected bomber,  the DPO of the area has confirmed the development to the police command but he is yet to give us the detail” Othman said.

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