How The Ethnic, Religious And Tribal Bigots Ruined PDP In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

Plateau democracy is gradually graduating into a game of promotion of ethnic, tribal clannish and religious agenda where the winner takes it all ,we have seen the worst of politicians since the return of democracy in 1999.


The political bigwigs who were on a desperate mission brought up all manner of accusations on the first civilian governor of Plateau state, Chief Solomon Daushep Lar for denying them efforts aimed at grabbing power in 1999 , it was not reveal to us to see that the worst calamity was yet to come .


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Those who stood by the corridor of poverty and rejection were also clapping their hands in support of minority agenda injected to us like poison spread on air by some tribal bigots that the Tarok has dominated the force but we are battle ready to fight them in democracy.


From 1979 till date Plateau citizens have witnessed the bad ,the good and the ugly of governance under the madness of our African leaders who claim they  come   into the corridors of power to correct the past bad leadership of our so-called military junta.


However, the struggle of our African voters to enjoy the dividends of democracy has not spelt well for the unity and progress of our common wealth, some who came into power promote selfish and greedy policy to transient power to themselves, their children and their great grandchildren and take resources to keep in a white man country.


We have witness the good of late Solomon Lar where the present day Nasarawa, Plateau states can’t deny the truth that his legacy is spread across the two states .We also saw projects littered across LGAs in all the two states but when greed is now steering us in our faces we all claim nothing happened.


We have so developed hatred for one another going from village to villages killing any existing human being that are managing to feed their own family out of the present economic setback created by the past , the present of our leaders. We belief our journey to a greater and better nation that was truncated by these groups whom should have been   better imaginging to our   colonial government left more in the spirit of doubt.


The third republic during late regime of sen Joshua Chibe Dariye was welcome by political bigwigs, a tenure characterized with pockets of internal conflict across the 17 LGAs when minority agenda was the order for the day.


The bloodletting politicians went wild to ensure that they blackmail the majority to pave ways for their kinsmen maneuver power to suit their selfish plot then.


And this game became the politics agenda for political class in the middle belt region where they shatter the common unity of accommodating each other between the black people in Africa.


Then there comes a monster administration of a Berom agenda which was busy springing her agenda since the Jonah David Jang emerged the governor of Plateau state sometimes in 2007 against all odds of condemnation from Second republic deputy Senate president, Sen. John wash Pam and Solomon Daushep Lar all now late, who saw Jang as someone who would destabilize the spirit of one Plateau.


In their grave  getting to ten years ,we the present survival are recounting our biggest mistakes of making the wrong choice of leaders that are focusing their energy in fighting their enemies, instead of rebuilding the state and the moribund industries left abandoned owning to bad leadership to manage them.


Then come Dariye a village Mushire boy who rose to the position of prominence in the society with different filthy policies which turned the state upside down but the  worst came back to us when Jonah Jang became the next governor the PDP family were lamenting and crying of impunity, imposition = of candidates and lack of internal democracy .


Now who is blaming Lalong for his   Goemai Agenda when the foundation is faulty what can the righteous do ,we see where individual tribe became so strong that the state was licking the wounds of killings ,maiming ,butchering of their fellow human beings as if that was done in abattoir .




Beside, the reaction that trailed the appointment of one M S Adamu, as an ambassador designate from Plateau State is a pointer that 2023 will be highly embroiled in politics of ethnicity and tribalism.


Merit, competence, credibility and character will throw away to the gutters.


The mutual suspicion and ethnic chauvinism blinded in bi-partisan mistrust has made some blame Governor Lalong and the Goemai Agenda for MS Adamu, a Plateau man who has just been promoted as a carrier diplomat, working in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


Why can’t we think Plateau and Act Plateau?


The Sad Narrative is that we cannot continue like this.


The bad seed Planted in 2015 has germinated and it’s getting watered with hate by political gladiators, tribal associations and the bulging youths that is loyal to their divide and rule masters. Some tribe see a political party as their own while some see their kinsmen as the most qualified for the seat.

Power belongs to God. Time and chance happens to all under the Sun.

Let’s look for what unites us as a people and not what divides us


I was thinking we will channel our energies to ask why other states got two and as usual Plateau got one.


Do we keep bickering, complaining and castigating anytime a Federal appointment is made?


Let’s blame ourselves and our politicians that are only good at competing every position at home with the youths while their contemporaries are playing the national league.


The internal conflict in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) could be properly dated back to the rebirth of Democracy and political party politics in Nigeria and its formal inauguration in 1999.


Since the rebirth of Democracy in the country, Plateau has always been on the headlines of major tabloids for one political fight in the States PDP chapter.


Facts available would show that, the Chairmanship position of the PDP in the state is always dicey and turbulent from one Chairman to the other in the past 21 years.


Sadly, the present ruling APC in the state, which could be said to be an off shoot of the PDP has started demonstrating the same culture and tradition.


In the recent history of the PDP in Plateau State, there are trends to show that, happenings at its National Headquarters are always imported by some few members to destabilize the state chapter and configuration.


During the era of Sen. Sherriff and Sen. Markarfi under the Presidency of Goodluck Jonathan, a group led by Hon. Badung and Emmanuel Macham in the Plateau State chapter, imported the fight to the chapter, but politically lost the grove.


During the squabble between members of the State Working Committee (SWC) to probe the 2019 general election in the state and the movement and utilization of money, the same group that supported the failed Sen. Sheriff’s movement also took side with a section of the SWC, to reject the probe, which had called and moved for the suspension of the then Chairman, Hon. Damishi Sango.


When the PDP family in the state was further trying to settle and focus on its future challenges, then the issue   of  constitution came up ,Sen    Jang brand himself as the political leader of party in  Plateau state with former councillors, Chairmen, Permanent secretaries ,Directors, commissioners and  ministers began to see themselves as his loyalist .

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