How Students Narrowly Escaped Being Lynched At The Palace Of Walin Kazaure In Jigawa State

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Umar Faruq Abubakar

Members of a student union group who were in Kazaure Jigawa to pay Sallah homage to the Walin of Kazaure who was recently turbaned narrowly escaped being lynched by Palace guards working at the residence of the Walin of Kazaure.

As gathered by this medium, the palace guards who were four in number who wore traditional attires of the Palace barricaded the main entrance to the place as they stop people from entering into the Palace, according to them; it is an order from the Palace not to allow any person entrance except there is an appointment.

On that fateful day, when the students arrive the Palace met the presence of the Guards at the gate of Palace and were refused entrance by the Palace Guards, a situation that caused the students and the Guards to begin a shouting match on each other.

Subscribe to our newsletter learned that situation was getting out of control as the irate guards were already bringing out their sticks and canes to use it on the Students but for the intervention of some persons at the gate, it would have been another story.

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