How Shehu Jatau Shattered My Legs With AK47, As Ponzhi Gowon Of Dokya  And Ponzhi Escaped Death By  Whiskers-Witness Tells Court

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Yakubu Busari

The Traditional Leaders of Wadata Kasuwa and Dokya Communities of Kadarko district the Wase Local Government Council of Plateau, Ponzhi Domain Vongjen, and Ponzhi Gowon Rimnan have alleged linking the gruesome murder of one Maina, Black Ibrahim and so many others sustained injuries including  Galadima Bwarat, Dariya.

Chief Vongjen told the court how the Ponzhi Jawuri reported the criminal activities being perpetrated by Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Musa causing unnecessary deaths and destruction of lives and properties where lands and animals are taken away.

The youth of Wadata trailed the killer squad of Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Musa to their hideout after they have killed four persons, but he (Shehu Jatau) said he would personally present the culprit to the security agencies, asking them not to waste their precious time.

The Ponzhi Wadata Kasuwa, Chief Domnan Vongjen who told the court that, Mr. Shehu Jatau, the child of his elder brother while  Nanjul Musa is the son of his Junior brother both were made known to him during the 2002 crisis that engulfed the Wase LGA  between the Tarok speaking natives and the Fulani were thousands displaced persons came to take refugees under his leadership.

He said after the crisis came to an end he was relocating back to Kurmi in Taraba state where he came from and then, in 2019 the Chief of Jawuri reported to me that my sons are terrorizing constantly and are carting away their animals and farm produce and even their farmlands.

Vongjen explained that he invited Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Musa then, and he advised them to stop killing their brothers.

According to him, a few days after the peaceful discussion, I was at home Shehu and Nanjul arrived at my compound in the evening asking me questions that they are old enough to take their own decision concerning their fate.

However, as that didn’t go down well with them, they invaded my residence and burnt down the entire building, and set it on fire, including that of our Sarkin Kasuwa, Galadima, and other leaders in Wadata Kasuwa leaving many dead bodies and casualties.

My Lord, I escaped the deadly onslaught of Shehu to the nearby bush, where I was watching them setting the entire edifice on fire and his boys were using an ax to bring down my buildings.


He pointed out that the attack lasted for a whole day,  which forced him to leave for the Langtang South from there he moved to Langtang North LGA where he spent one year without going back to Wadata Kasuwa.


When sought to know by the defense counsel, Prof S.S.Shikyil, Domnan told the court that he reported the incident to the Politics Headquarters where no arrest was effected.


Meanwhile, the Ponzhi Gowon Rimna gave his details that the same day he went to drink at a nearby uncle Galadima beer parlor, Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Musa drove in with one Boka and shot at him and shattered his left leg.

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