How One Alexander Falegan In Plateau Borrowed N16.7 Million From Individuals, Allegedly Issued Dud Cheques, Victims Cry Out To EFCC, ICPC

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  • Victims Accuses League for Human Right Director Nankin Bagudu of Standing Bail Surety For Him

Yakubu Busari

Many families that are duped including a banker are blaming the Director and founder of League for Human Rights, Barr Nankin Bagudu for standing as bail surety for one Alexander Falegan a sports analyst who borrowed N16.7 million by issuing them a dud cheque.




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A businessman who resides in Plateau state Mr. Nicholas Okeke has cried out to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission ( EFCC), and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), to come to his rescue and save his family from Alexander Falegan who borrowed money from him sometime in 2012 and later issued him a fake cheque and had refused to pay back.


He advocated that anti-graft agency charged with the responsibility of fighting corruption in all its ramifications with a double edge sword should extend its beam light on NGOs   that are promulgated to strengthen the performance of economic sectors.




In our letter of agreement dated 22nd May 2012 , Mr. Alexander Falegan of Favwie Rayfield Jos, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos Plateau state requested for advance payment of N6,300,000.00 (six million, three hundred thousand Naira) from me Nicholas Okeke, was paid through the signing of documents.




Mr. Nicholas Okeke explained that  Falegan Alexander borrowed the said money on the 21st of July 2012 and they then signed all agree that if he fails to pay it would attract  20% interest per month to be remitted every month attached is official borrowing documents.



Another victim who lost her job as a victim of Alexander Falegan cybercrime syndicate who is having health complications is one Mrs. Philomena Ejiogu a banker working with Guaranty Trust Bank PLC of Plot 1902 Ahmadu Bello Way, Plateau state who helped him to secure the transfer of one widow’s late husband money of N10 million without the knowledge of the deceased wife as guarantor to the surety for him on the purchase of sporting equipment pending when funds are available.




However, after accessing the funds from the Bank, Alexander Falegan vanished into thin air and nobody knows his whereabouts until the poor banker was sacked from work by the bank.




Besides, his promise of coming to settle this debt in advance failed before the 21st July 2012, when he was arrested and detained  Nankin Bagudu rushed to offer him bail and the whole issue is dragging to up 20 years now.




Our medium gathered that sometimes in 2018, when police arrested Alexander Falegan over breech of the contract with, Mr. Nicholas Okeke reported to the Nigeria Police Command headquarters and they affected arrest on  Mr. Alexander Falegan and he was detained in CID office his accomplice went and released him on bail.




Mr. Nicholas Okeke raised an alarm that Nankin Bagudu and Alexander Falegan has scrubbed his business, “I can’t afford to send my kids to school and feed them anymore my world is scattered this is one of my big issues”.




He said Nankin Bagudu told him that the accused person has assured of coming to pay him, through him that the matter should be settled out of police custody but since then, I haven’t heard from Alexander Falegan either Nankin who stood for his bail.


When our reporter sent a text to confirm from Nankin Bagudu, he forwarded to Alexander Falegan who a few hours later put a Telephone call warning me that, who are you ?, Do you know the implication of sending text message?




I can’t go further but expect me soon by threatening to unleashed terror.




It appeared as if the NGO is gradually becoming a center of deception, corrupt practices where some jobless individuals disguise as members to commit all manner of fraud.




” You would recall, in 2005 that the same Nankin Bagudu who claim to be fighting to protect vulnerable people in society, a House at No 24, Second Avenue, Federal Low cost the owner approached him thinking he intervene on the issue but to his greatest surprise, He Nankin Bagudu connived with the sellers at Federal Ministry Housing to effect a change of documents and the victim was locked up in prison, now correction center.




We gathered that Nankin didn’t even visit the prison or show concern because his arrangement was perfected with the then registrar of Abattoir court to push the complainant there.



It’s was also clear this same man fought the former Governor Jang government who appointed him commissioner and defected to Lalong and anytime the government is not in his favour he picked issues.




My Experiences with Alexander Falegan was sometimes in 2010 when the Former Governor Jonah David Jang awarded a contract for him to supply sporting kits to artists to the turn of N350 million.




In the course of investigation this medium spoke with the Chairman Plateau Sports, Hon Sunday Longbap, were he confirmed that yes, “I’m aware of the money Mr. Nicholas Okeke borrowed one Alexander Falegan to enable him to fulfill the contract for the supply sporting equipment worth over N300 million.




He told this medium that, “I met with Alexander Falegan in Lagos when we were in Lagos for sports festival then he, first of all, approach me to help him speak with the then Governor Jonah David Jang which I did.


Since the contract was sealed I went to Lagos to ensure whether the address he Alexander Falegan gave was correct including the family contact and I realize that Alexander Falegan’s address wasn’t correct but the only available information was an abandoned office which he claimed was his main headquarters.




Longbap explained further that despite fake details filled by Alexander Falegan, Jang still went ahead to give him the contract for the supply of sports equipment running into millions.




According to him, I don’t really know but the ministry of sports and youth development had already paid him almost N300 million that I’m aware but each time he is paid they only call to inform me about the transaction because he (Alexander Falegan) since after securing the contract, I never sighted him again.




He noted I’m also aware that Alexander Falegan was arrested for defaulting his payment with Nicholas Okeke, the Hotels he was staying most of them approached me but I refuse to drag my feet inside.

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