How Massive Corruption, Incompetence Reigns Supreme Under Lalong’s Administration-Plateau PDP

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The accusations and allegations of corruption and incompetence against Governor Simon Lalong by a splinter group within the Plateau State All Progressive Congress, APC has vindicated the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state.

PDP’s long-held position of total failure of the Governor is being echoed more loudly by the APC’s “Plateau Rescue Front (PRF)when the group boldly and patriotically made public a letter to the Gov alleging impunity and inefficiency against him. They advised him to redress his steps by urgently doing the needful.

Quoting the obviously frustrated and disappointed group, “Lalong has shown less commitment and zeal to steer the affairs of government in plateau state in the right direction that would usher in meaningful development, instead his government is getting worse with what we call flagrant cases of nepotism, parochialism, social injustice, decay in infrastructure, lack of infrastructural development and corruption in high places. ”


We are glad that today the PDP and the people of the plateau have been vindicated since this is coming from the APC caucus and stakeholders themselves. Everybody is tired. Plateau people (the electorates), Lalong’s closest party men,his friends, kinsmen, associates are all tired of this no substance leadership that lacks methodology and transparency.

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No wonder the APC Plateau Rescue Front has emerged and requested Gov Lalong to account for the billions of naira that have accrued to the state without any corresponding amelioration of the conditions of the people and the development of the state. For example, we demand explanation on the N660m out of the one billion approved and released for the roofing of the Zaria road stadium.


You would recall that on Monday, 29th August 2016,the leadership of our great party (PDP)during its maiden briefing raised alarm over the corrupt deals of Gov Lalong and the APC in the state. Within three months in office Lalong took loans worth 18 billion naira from some commercial banks and at the same time covering up with what he claimed to be crippling loans inherited from previous administrations. We have reliably gathered that the loans taken by the Lalong administration within his four years in office as approved by the House of Assembly is over 45 billion naira which remains unaccounted for without any beneficial project commissioned.


It is quite surprising that with this huge amount of loan not a single lane of road is constructed even in his Local government area up to today. Recall that in 2015 when he was commissioning his gubernatorial campaign office opposite NASCO foods, Lalong openly accused the highly celebrated former Governor Jonah Jang of taking loans to build his village and Jos South Local Government but later admitted that Jang judiciously utilized the loans he received.

Lalong’s government is indeed a disaster and bed of corruption as within just one month in office, he spent a whopping amount of 4.5 Billion Naira on luxury Cars for selected government officials alone, also spent 1.4 billion Naira to purchase and install GPRS tracking device on 100 Cars which translates to N14 million to track one car, and all this is not enough.

APC has shamelessly turned Plateau state governance into a business making venture today.


To further swindle state money fake potatoes seedlings worth 13 million US dollars was purportedly imported by Lalong using one of the APC House of Representative member, which up to this moment no one Irish potato has been seen to the disappointment of poor farmers and no refund has been made to the state treasury.


We call on Governor Lalong to be ashame of himself, reflect on his conscience and be prepared to account for all these flagrant abuse of governance entrusted in him by the suffering and frustrated people of Plateau.

He must also tell Plateau people how he expended a whopping 11 billion naira within few months to fighting COVID- 19 without anything to show.

Up to this moment health workers have not been paid their hazard entitlements. We are also aware that N500 Million was spent to fumigate our roads without telling us the fumigant used for that business adventure. The people are yet to be given their face mask Purchased by APC government for N40 million, yet to get hand sanitisers supplied by Lalong government for N50million and hand Washing soap for N30million. What of the N200million donated by voluntary organisations to assist the government in the fight against this pandemic?


Indeed the effectiveness of Governor Lalong’s administration is more on corruption, nepotism and incompetence than transparency and good governance.


Plateau State does not deserve this continued layer of a failed leadership, what is of priority to the people is dedication to unite and serve the people who are toiling to make ends meet as a result of APC’s maladministration. Plateau needs a leader with dignity, transparent credentials and not comedians.


We remind Lalong and his cohorts that no matter how long it looks in their blind eyes, the time of reckoning will soon be here and it shall be another tale of had we know. God will judge you in His wrath and fury.


John T Akans, ksm FICA JP

State Publicity Secretary (PDP) Plateau State.

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