How Malam Isa Yuguda Under-Developed Sayawa Land By Ggobbiya Sunday

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This topic just like anything I will say or do here is not new, they have been written severally by different pundits, I dare say, to a varying degree of limitation. Here I attempt to expose and call attention of concerned Stakeholders in the project Nigeria to the tyranny of Malam Isa Yuguda, the animosity reserved for the Sayawa ethnic group which is increasing by the day by the unproductive, wicked and power hungry extremist who go about with death mind in Living body and fail to realize that violence is a ball of snow, once it’s set rolling it must increase and the miasma of intolerance, violence, wickedness and bigotry in which Bauchi state is currently luxuriating with a view to islamicist the state. This I believe will serve as a critical rescue factor for the home of the first prime minister of Nigeria who loves his town so much that he used it as his initials. It is not a subject of debate that many ethnic groups in the north, better known as the “minorities” are passing through tough times at various proportions.
The Sayawa ethnic group found in the Southern part of Bauchi, Particularly Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro local governments has had more than a fair share as tyrants and extremist continue to find themselves on their corridors of power and where certified bigots are being appointed to head them. A quick assessment of development in Sayawa land since the election of Malam Isa Yuguda as the state governor would highlight remarkable departure and erosion of infrastructure, peace, respect for human lives and a shift of the hand of justice; a situation where some rampaging squad fortified with all manners of arms and ammunition would bounce on a segment of the population leaving many homeless and at the mercy of elements without the state raising a peep, hence reducing that segregated segment of the state to a dehumanization camp where human deficit is measured in inverse proportion to blood profit; and by human deficit i refer not to the deadly tally of human lives after such tragedies but the deadness of human feeling that enables the operators of such incubators catastrophe to feel comfortable, time and time again over in this segregated part of the state are either not or under-reported with fetid facts festering the medias.
In the past few weeks, Malam Isa Yuguda was quoted in an address of a press conference in Bauchi as saying “his administration has successfully created the Sayawa Chiefdom to end the incessant crisis in Tafawa Balewa. What an imagination. I wish the ‘manimal’ in Malam Isa Yuguda would understand that the Chiefdom was meant to end Tafawa Balewa crisis and not Lere, Marti or any other place. And so if it was meant to serve the purpose it is created then it should be located in Tafawa Balewa.
Permit me at this juncture to wonder aloud on how two cultures and languages could be so different as Hausa and Zaar yet one can insist on recognizing the other as part of them. This people are so different that they have distinct intonation and different word for different activities. A person should be recognizing as he/she wants to be recognized.
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Since it is the view of the Sayawa that they are not Hausa/ Fulani, they should recognize that. A lion is not meant to rule in a river, a fish is not to be king of the jungle and birds do not fight for place in the holes. I think ignorance of the above is probably the reason the Hausas tends to force their believe, culture, way of life and ideas on other peoples.  I’m not done venting my opinion.
The emergence of the stratagem extremist, Malam Isa Yuguda for the first time witness the mass exodus of youths at their prime age from this part of the state who would have impacted their communities positively and indeed the state to the south in search of greener pastures and end up doing menial jobs since their state has declared war against the Sayawa’s hence blocking every form of economic activities and employment in the service of the state. He placed an embargo on employment of the Sayawa’s for no reason other than to block the more educated and more qualified Sayawa’s in the service. And for those who are already in the service, getting promotion to next level becomes a mirage. Even more worrisome is the shutting down of all the government secondary schools in this part of the state for over three years under the guise of renovation that seek to turn the once most educationally developed Local government in the state, Bogoro to a hellhole of horror.
But, for a people whose mission is bound to the book with candles hold aloft against the darkness of ignorance, with knowledge as their quary, wisdom as their goal, humanism as their mandate, the future is their destination. This policy taste of shutting down all government secondary schools at a time, not one, not two but, all for over three years and still counting as Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Tafawa Balewa remain shut is a challenge yet a motivation for a people determined to start from the sky. In furtherance of his wicked and cynical agenda to wipe off the whole Sayawa nation, last year he threatened to demolish the whole Tafawa Balewa Town and give it to the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen (his own ethnic group) for grazing. What madness. But when the subtle and devious means he employed failed, the state governor who authored this bizarre drama concluded his humiliating enactment by instrumenting the suspension of their only law maker for about two years to ease his sinister motive of relocating Tafawa Balewa local government capital from Tafawa Balewa Town to Bununu, a Hausa/Fulani community.
Throughout his administration Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro local governments’ allocations is nothing more than a recurring decimal in the arithmetic of monthly local government allocation. If Yuguda can be taken by his word, it was the Sayawa people of Bogoro who gave him a life support and encouraged him to reappear when he was baked out of PDP. Yet his body language has proven that he is an opportunist. yes, he is a miscalculated variable from sentimental and ignoramus permutation of political opportunism. And so expecting anything good from such an individual is an absolute misuse of our senses.
Therefore, terrific gaze will continue to arrest the gaze of everyone who is expecting Yuguda to compensate the past injustice on the Sayawas as infrastructure remains at zero level.
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