How Governor Mua’zu Babangida Aliyu Was Humiliated By Court Order Zainab Jacobs

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Following an order from a Federal High Court in Abuja  on Monday, 15thDecember, 2014 restraining the Peoples Democratic Party from submitting the name of Alhaji Umar Nasko as a Governorship candidate for Niger State, a candidate that emerged through an unlawful, unconstitutional and stage managed primary election by Governor Aliyu, the Governor it was gathered has taken another step on covering his track.
It is indeed democratic heartbreaking, after a sleepless Night of Investigation to discover that Governor Aliyu has done the normal ‘process as usual’ to cover the tainted track of his controversial anointed candidate.
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First, he had to bribe the screening process of his anointed, and today he bought off newspaper editors of prominent Nigerian Newspaper to stop the publication of a court order challenging the 908 votes purportedly casted for Alhaji Umar Nasko to emerge as the PDP flag bearer in Niger State.
Anyway, for what can be best described as the coming of a messiah, Engr. Hannafi Mua’zu Sarkin Sudan’s suite filed before the court will go a long way in stopping the political evil plan by Governor Aliyu to totally privatize Niger state democratic affair and to the arrival of the social media and some private radio and television stations, it has become a saving grace from the hands of mischief makers.
To the Nigerian Television Authority network news that broke the story, we say thank you. To the newspapers editors stop engaging in dirty job with dirty politicians, be more professional and proactive.

The stopping of the publication has prompted an advertorial on today’s Daily Trust page 56 and 57, a single act that has caused confusion in Governor Aliyu’s plan. A very dependable source close to the governor revealed through a mobile conversation that Governor Aliyu is shocked and felt embarrassed by the development. The development that has humiliated the Governor’s plan has brought Jubilation internally amongst the citizens of the state. They best described it as saving the state from the brink of total and eminent collapse. 

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