How Flood Is Threatening Hadejia Emirate-Group

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Umar Akilu Majeri

The Flood disaster in Hadejia Emirate that is synonymous with the northeast Senatorial District, has affected virtually all the eight local government council of the zone through though in varying degrees.


The statement was disclosed, by the chairman of Hadejia Emirate Development Association chairman Alhaji Abdullahi Sarki Kafinta in a press conference organized by the association.


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The chairman charged the Federal government and the State Government to come to their help by providing emergency support to people in the emirate for the flood problem which has killed many people in the emirate and submerged thousands of farmlands and destroyed an uncountable number of houses.


The chairman said thousands of people are now taking refuge at a public building, as he, therefore, called on the federal government to come to the aids of farmers who lost their farm produce and all other victims in the emirate.


Alhaji Abdullahi Tsoho Kafinta also called on the federal government to provide seed to farmers after the flood disaster.


Kafinta accused the politicians of inconsistency and discontinuation of government projects when it started,  Kafinta said if projects started and were not abandoned such occurrences of the flood would have become a history.


Kafinta urged politicians to emulate the habit of continuation from their predecessors.


Confirming the death of persons the chairman said many people have died but he cannot give a specific number of persons that died.


According to the chairman of the association, he said in the last 57 years, “we have never experienced such flood in the emirate where all the eight local governments were affected by the flood, a  flood which took over all the Hadejia city entrances.


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