How Ex-Gov.Jang Scooped Traders Money (MSME) ,”CBN Seeks Repatriation In Five Days

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The Former Governor Jonah Jang supporters are sowing the seeds of hatred between the opposition party by their comments on social media as if the court is a playground .


However, some media practitioners are bias in their reportage taking sides to report what we all believed is different completely from the ongoing trial.


For record purposes, we are meant to be objective to all authority and guide the society to know the proceedings in court not to misled the general public by either to report in favour of another side .


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The truth remain constant if after all this trial and the former governor’s hand are clean no one can judge ,God is the final judge so we journalists should be apt right to educate and enlighten those who can’t have the privilege of coming to witness argument between the counsels .



Our government at all levels saddle with the leadership responsibility of transforming, developing the state to an enviable position, and then resources at the state government disposal is meant to be used judiciously to uplift and better our vulnerable communities.


We are not politicians so we stay away from inciting or putting ourselves as opposition because God gave us the opportunity to pass the message to save souls.

The witness  paraded by the EFCC from Central Bank of Nigeria especially the Rtd Director Dr  Mudashiru Abiola has contributed to the financial development of CBN by establishing a sector to improve well-being of the common man in Nigeria which its policy had enough impact to some beneficiary States.


He told the court  that the immediate past Governor of Plateau State and Senator of the 8th Assembly, did not disburse the 2 Billion Naira meant for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises funds released to  Plateau state under his watch in 2015.



Mudashiru while explaining to the court from a question asked by Rotimi Jacobs ,SAN, the prosecution counsel  said ,the money in question is earmarked to help small businessmen, and women to boost their businesses, which will be in form of a cooperative society loan out to prospective business men and women, based on a single digits rate with maximum interest  of 9 percent interest rate  compared to the conventional commercial banks with high interest rate as high as 50 percent or more.

The court was startled at the revelation made during the continuation of the trial of the former governor of the state Dr Jonah David Jang,and the cashier to Plateau State Government ,Mr Yusuf Pam who are  currently facing trial on money laundering amounting to a whopping sum of N6.3 billion which was alleged that he swindled when he held sway as governor of plateau state from 2007 to 2015.


According to him, about eight  reasons for setting the  scheme was flawed and diverted the remittance of sort loan from Central Bank with a bottom approached measure  .


Mudashiru who stood inside court podium as   PW1 witness in the case, said he started working with the apex bank as far back as 1989 and retired from active service from the bank in January,2020 as Director Financial development Department of the bank.


Mudashiru Abiola who said he is the Acting Director of the apex bank then in 2014-15 when the Plateau state government signed to engaged the PFI and disburse the fund to those lamented the sudden change in policy of the CBN, also said his area of schedule is to over see all administration of the departments . “I also over see the activities of the departments”.


He further added that the mandate of his  department is to develop the implementation of Programs and policies, and to improve access to finance by the real sector of micro Medium small enterprises from the state governments, towards economic development and to sign memorandum of understanding between the government and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).



He  continued in his statement  that in 2014, the Plateau state government under the leadership of Jonah  Jang  applied  for an MSME loan which was granted  to the state after fulfilling all the criteria specified by the bank and  the sum of 2 Billion naira was paid into the state project 1 account with instructions from Jang and 3 separate  accounts for the disbursement of the fund for the prospectives beneficiaries into  “Project (1)”


Few weeks after the bank had paid the money in the state account , there was information that the government in the state has not Disbursed the fund to prospective beneficiaries which are against the (CBN) rules and regulations  that the fund be  Disburses to prospective beneficiaries within five working days or  the money be returned to the coffers of the Central Bank Bank (CBN)


He however added that with the privileged information, the Central Bank constituted 4 man investigation  committee to verify the claim of non-disbursement of the said fund by the government.


The committee did not waste any time before they submitted its findings which ordered that as part of the  political crisis which landed insecurity struggle amongst PDP,  then governor Lalong who was just coming on board as a new governor weighed into the matter could not understand but Federal government insisted on repatriating back the N20bn.

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