How Diamond Bank MD Uzoma Dozie Deceived 393 Sacked Workers To Withdraw Case From Court Without Paying Them

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As the call for clarity, providence and fairness sweep through the corporate sector, one of the leading banks still drawing back is the financial institution which prides itself as a polished brand, but smells of rot and corporate slave trade, where workers are treated daily as robots, a clear case of the popular saying ‘Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop. , “Your Bank” as they are known.

Welcome to the world of Diamond Bank, the new colonial masters in the banking industry. Diamond bank Plc which was initially believed to be one of the best when it comes to banking in Nigeria has failed woefully in their responsibilities with dishonesty and fraud engulfing the elite bank led by Uzoma Dozie as several litigations bothering on the wicked and inhumane way they treat their employee have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the bank is truly not “your bank” as they claim in their slogan. The shameless display of lack of value for human lives and rule of law by Diamond bank has taken a deeper root as they have now resorted to playing “hide and seek” with the National Assembly and the already devastated 393 sacked workers.

Fresh reports reaching this online news media reveal that after several sittings by the National Assembly Committee on Public Petitions with an aim to resolve the matter which have been pending before them, the CEO/MD of the self-acclaimed elite bank Uzoma Dozie who was summoned to appear before the committee to specifically address the House members on the 18th of January, 2018 brazenly flaunted the order of the House and rather, sent the Head Human Capital Management of the bank, Mr. Gabriel Nwokeafor to stand in for him before the honourable members in the committee.

Findings by our reporter revealed that Mr. Gabriel Nwokeafor, speaking under oath, deceived and lied to the House committee that his bank was ready to settle the matter in a bid to buy more time while the oppressed ex workers suffer day by day. SecretReporters learnt that after a daylong meeting which was held at Reiz Hotel in Abuja on the 19th of January 2018 between Diamond Bank (with their Counsel) and seven delegated ex workers (with their Counsel) where the villainous bank agreed to pay the severance/redundancy benefits as computed but only on the condition that the loans collected by the ex-workers will be deducted and the balance paid to them.

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The corporate crooks till date have not paid a single dime to the affected workers. To further show that the agreement by the bank is nothing but a camouflage, Mr. Gabriel on 28th March, 2018 refused to appear before the House committee rather he sent two lawyers who refuted the agreements he made with the ex-workers (and their Counsel) on the 19th of January, 2018 on the ground that the case was still in Court.

The ex-workers not fully aware of the implication of their next action, by dancing to the tunes of Uzoma Dozie who perhaps seem to have used voodoo on them subsequently withdrew the case from Court.

This move however became the undoing of the ex-workers as Mr. Gabriel on the 24th April, 2018 came forth to say that although he cannot deny knowledge of the agreement he signed with the ex-workers (and their Counsel) and the withdrawal of the case in court, “there is no way the decision he reached with the complainants could be wholly binding as the CEO/MD of the bank was not present at the time”. More so, that he did not know that the entire decisions at the meeting was been recorded, otherwise he would not have written the contrary to the committee.

The document in our possession show that the purported “Elite” bank which claims to be a bank for the people has been speaking from the two sides of their mouths as the House committee was taken aback with the statements of the Head, Director of Human Capital thus calling on the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN to resolve the matter or advice the House on how best to handle the matter since the ex-worker has been deceived into withdrawing the matter from the court.

Furthermore, before the case was withdrawn from the National Industrial Court, Diamond bank succeeded in stalling the hearing 9 times at the National Assembly, with the hearing slated for 16th July 2018 making it the 17th time the lawmakers will seat to listen to Uzoma Dozie vomit his can of lies as he has always done with his speaking parrot Mr. Gabriel Nwokeafor.

All efforts made to reach Diamond Bank Media Department proved abortive as calls placed to their phone line and text messages sent were not replied as at the time of writing this report.

Note:  SecretReporters is running a series on the ill-treatment of the sacked workers and slavery going on in the bank till date.


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