How Bauchi Government, Through The Chief Of Staff Stopped The Aminu Saleh Memorial Lecture And Award —NUBASS

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The National Union of Bauchi State Students, NUBASS has accused Bauchi State Government of stopping the Aminu Saleh memorial lecture and award organized by the Students Association.

In a statement issued by Nasiru Cigari President of the Association, he stated that they have seen the antics behind the government outright refusal to allow for the conduction of the Aminu Saleh memorial lecture and award.

According to NUBASS in the Statement, it said; “It is with deep sense of disappointment I write at this very moment to shed more light on the forgoing issues as regard to the government decision to sabotage our good effort of honoring one of our own (Aminu Saleh). It is no longer a news that the grand first memorial lecture in honor of the slain national hero is to hold on Saturday 14th January,2017.

Narrating what transpired between him and the State Police Command, he said; “ However, few hours to the proposed event, I received a phone call from the Nigerian Police Command Bauchi and its sister body the Department of state security (DSS) Bauchi area office informing me of their decision to invite me for some clarifications. As a law abiding citizen of Nigeria, I drove immediately to the force headquarters, where I met the assistant commissioner of police (in charge of operations) After exchanging pleasantries, he directly informed me of their decision to put a halt to the proposed event citing and blaming me rightly for not notifying the police before the event. I was very surprised with his submissions, so immediately, presented before him an acknowledgment receipt of a letter I sent to the police notifying them about the proposed event. The letter was accepted, duly signed and acknowledged by the police on the 5th of January, 2017, I.e. nine (9) good days before the event. This baffles me and I remained wondered on why the security agencies will only respond to a letter written eight (8) days back just few hours to the event. The ACP, after citing his unconvincing reasons further went ahead to seal the venue of the proposed event and equally order for the arrest of the hotel manager.

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“Before I left his office he uttered to me, “this order is coming from the above”, showing me a government branded letter head with a subject heading of the circular referring the proposed event as an illegal gathering. He also further threatened me with arrest and possible jail if I go ahead with the proposed event.”

The letter reads further in parts; “I left the police headquarters in anger and frustration, and I quickly rush to meet with the DSS. Upon reaching the office of the secret office, I was equally fed with the same story as narrated by the ACP. Justifying their decision based on order received from the above as contained in the circular received from the government. Indeed the attitude and character of the Nigerian Police and the DSS is highly condemnable. Their approach to service is suicidal and capable of causing tension within the society. I am highly disappointed with the government and I wonder why should the government have the nerves of halting a memorial lectures in honour of such a highly placed national hero. Does the government hold any grudge with either the late hero or his family?”


  1. The government of Bauchi state is promoting anarchy, tyranny and lawlessness
  2. The orchestrators and figure heads of this grandeur decision (Chief of staff to the Bauchi government house) is still holding a long time traditional grudge with the late Aminu Saleh and His family.
  3. The government sees the event in their own way of negative thinking as an avenue to raise the raise the image of the family which in no distant time has the capacity and ability to produce the next governor of the state.
  4. The state government is against any meaningful programme and activities but, only entertains sycophancy and praise singing.
  5. The government is striving hard to silence any form of pressure group especially NUBASS, as a result of refusal to play its tune.

The Chief of staff to the Bauchi government continues with his life time mission of dividing the student cycle and even the youth by extension.


I am calling on all the NUBASSITES, The Aminu Sale family, all other invited dignitaries and prospective award recipient to please take heart in the midst of this greatest disappointment and humiliation.

We are stating categorically that NUBASS remains an independent pressure group devoid of any political and religious affiliation.

We are dissociating our selves from all political brouhaha and we remain neutral.

I regret so deeply, any inconvenience this might have caused.

Remain peaceful and be law abiding citizens as we collectively decides on the next line of legal action.”

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