House Committee On Power Sector Pledges Federal Govt Readiness To Improve Service Delivery

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Yakubu Busari

With the current recession and  high rate charge by  powerJos Distribution company of Nigeria small medium entrepreneurship business owners have challenged them to impose service delivery.

The Chairman House Committee on privatization and commercialization, Hon Ahmed Yerima has pledged to access  federal government extent of execution of  agreement with private  electricity distribution company in Nigeria.

Yerima stated this on Wednesday at Jos Electricity Distribution Company while on oversight function .

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Speaking while addressing stakeholders on the challenges and government readiness to ensure efficient and effective delivery of service to citizens.

He said, the committee were in Jos headquarters of DISCO which is comprises of Plateau, Benue, Gombe ,Nasarawa and FCT respectively .

Hon Yerima explained that the objective of government for the privatization of the power sector is to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to Nigerians.

He pointed out that supply of power has been a major issue of discourse in the course ,this is because it is central to our productive capacity as a nation.

The federal law maker said,” we are not unaware of the various efforts being put together by government to accelerate the development of the power sector in Nigeria.

He ,however, disclosed that the downtown in the revenue projections of government has left us with no option than to look inward in order to ensure optional utilization of resources .

“we know that there are obligations enshrined in the share purchase agreement between you and the government so we want to identified area of problem “,he added.

According to him, the visit to Jos Disco headquarters is a statutory obligation of post privatization monitoring exercise as enshrined in the public enterprises (privatization and commercialization ) act 1999 .

The committee late went into close door meeting by appealing to management to open up so that we can be better informed on the issues and tour round all the installation within Jos distribution company.

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