Hon Lumumba Adah Says,” Security Challenges Facing Nigeria Is An Expression Of  Frustration With Poverty “

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Yakubu Busari

A  former Member who represented  Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency in the 4th Republic, Hon Lumumba Adah Adeh has disclosed that security challenges facing Nigeria now are just the manifestation of frustration in the land when the people are pushed to the wall they expressed that anger.


He said that Nigeria’s insecurity is not particular to the country, but it was what has eaten deep into the landscape of the entire world which is at a worrisome stage in Nigeria.


Hon Lumumba Adah in an interview with our correspondent at the Polo, in Jos North Local Government Council of Plateau State.


He disclosed that the recent insecurity in some parts of, North East, Boko Haram, northwest, Kidnapping and Southeast destruction of government and Middle-Belt herders, farmers clashes all the region in  Nigeria need urgent step in by  President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the madness.



He said within a few days there is an indication that he has risen to the duty to defend our democracy, we saw the national assembly doing the same move to ensure the safety of Nigerians.


Hon Lumumba Adah maintained that “we should redirect our minds to the General Yakubu Gowon policy that the issues that can’t be trash on, we must employ dialogue to resolve the issues amicably through round table or consultation.


Speaking about his ambition if he will vie for the house rep in Jos north, Bassa constituency, Lumumba Adah Adeh says,” he is surprised with that conclusion because as far as he is concern he hasn’t declared for any contest, but his names have been peddling but he feels highly honored for those considering him for that position.


He stressed that” for the four years tenure one can’t rush before some session of people you have to think well before deciding on it “.


He admonished that indeed,” am honored but notwithstanding before I made up my mind to throw my interest inside the ring, I have to embark on wider consultation across a various session of the leadership of our great party and the government the critical stakeholders and group until then I can begin to talk of my plans “.


Adeh said one fact about me is that as a patriotic Nigerian he is so passionate about the progress and development happening in Jos north, Bassa constituency and one amongst, I am the first to represent them in the 4th republic so I’m very passionate and I desire and wish for the best to happen to this constituent.


He refuted the allegations of verbal insult by the APC stalwarts during the stakeholders meeting on zoning which ended up in deadlock, adding, I don’t think you were properly brief, there was a meeting of the party leadership to take a position and the desire they will like to uphold the principle they’ve held in the past in the bye-election in Qua’an-pan when we lost our senator late Ignatius Longjan the party insisted that the replacement most come from his council.


However, he reiterated that the close doors meeting was to appeal to other aspirants to allow Bassa to fill the vacuum period which we are still in consultation with stakeholders.

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