Hon Esther Dusu Receives Commendation From Christian Youths In Politics Initiative On Developmental Strides

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Yakubu Busari

The Member Representing Jos North -West, at the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Mrs. Esther Simi Dusu has received a commendation from the  Christian Youths in Politics initiative for her positive contribution to the developmental strike and meaningful projects that touch people’s lives.



The Chairman, Hon Samchris mafuyai in an interview with Journalists in Jos, said the body seeks to promote gender participation of women in politics because there is a stigma attached to women who are seeking an elective positions.


He said the men counterpart always castigate women by calling those of them in politics prostitutes seeing them as instruments to be use for voting exercise only.


Samchris disclosed that the Christian Youths in politics initiative took time out to understudy the personal achievement recorded by Hon Esther Dusu where she has proved that what men can do she is ever determined to do more.


Hon Esther Dusu has introduced and constructed  Jenta Adamu road which is ongoing through lobbying on the floor of the house, renovation of Garba Daho ward clinic, the building of Kabong Hospital, a clinic in Dong , electrification project in Dong supply transformer to Dong village, a clinic in Vandepuye including numerous projects in her constituency.


Mafuyai explained that as Christian Youths in politics initiative they plan to extend their programs across the 17 LGAs in Plateau State and the entire country if they have the capacity to reach out to other Christian brethren in Nigeria.


He emphasized that one of their target audience are the Youths because they’re the vanguard of change in the society.


Mafuyai revealed that as  Christian Youths in politics initiative we want to partner Muslim youths in politics toward encouraging healthy competition in delivering dividend of democracy to the teaming populace.


He lamented that in the past Christian pastors preached that politics is a dirty game some view it as a taboo and a sacrilege for Christian Youths to participate actively in politics but we want to change that narrative completely  .



Samchris stressed that by discouraging the Christian Youths  ,we know biblical teaching rule that righteousness rule over us ,when a righteous man is on the thrown the people rejoice ,we are crying today because the wrong person is on the thrown.


He added the association aims and objectives  is to encouraged Christian women and men to  participate in active politics and to promote gender based association  .


According to him ,Hon Esther Dusu also empowered over 68 in her constituency with various skills acquisition program to reduce poverty and unemployment .


The construction of Mado bridge ,supplying potable drinking water to Jenta Adamu,Mangoro during the perennial water scarcity and influencing the ongoing polo -Jenta curve to Jenta  makere junction,he added  .


Samchris admonished Christian Youths in politics initiative to sensitize and educate other Christian Youths to join the crusader and create platform for active participation of women in politics.



We are committed to the forces of women in politics as while ensure free level ground those political class to avoid politics of bitterness and character assassination in Nigeria .

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