Group Urges Fed Govt To Constitute An Investigation Team On Killings In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

Gan-Allah Development Association (GANDAN) has urged the federal government of Nigeria to thoroughly constitute an investigative team of security personnel to expose those behind Islamic states of West Africa, Boko Haram now perpetuating heinous crime in Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, Katsina states.

Speaking on behalf of the organisation, the Secretary-General, Alh Saleh Bayari said the government also failed her citizens towards investigating properly people, who are carrying arms, ammunition going about entering villages and killing human beings.

Speaking to our medium at his residence in Rikkos,Jos North Bayari said the government should have put in place a mechanism on how to address the menace.

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He said that if those who are coming to kill fellow Muslims and Christians including their tribal people then there must be a reason, the Buhari government has not explored the major problem behind why this crime is on the increase.

Alh Saleh lamented that since 2011 there has been banditry and stealing in Damboa LGA, we found out what happened, then we communicated to the government but they didn’t care about; as it is hard that every household can’t go to sleep and nobody care to know the problem.

Saleh disclosed that it appears that the killing is on the increase in the country and what is important now is to address the issue of insecurity not to politicize it.

He said the global economic downturn also affected Nigeria which crashes off the price of oil and it affected the country’s national income generation.

Bayari explained further the problem of insurgents has snowballed into other geopolitical areas of south-south, south-east, South-west, and there are now farmers, herders conflict, at a point we ask our brothers living in the affected parts to relocate to the northern part.

Adding that people are being harassed which led to reprisal attacks because some peoples have given the impression that this country would be divided.

Saleh Bayari revealed that the issues of service chief are another big problem, for the past five years they have not succeeded, then we need to try Mr. A, B, C, they have been on the ground as they have failed to solve the problem.

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