Governor Simon Lalong: A Midterm Failure

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Abu Maigoro

The fact remains irrefutable that Lalong administration has displayed unprecedented ineptitude in almost sectors in its 2 years in office.

My topic of discussion might be seen as unfriendly for Mr Mark Longyen SA on media and publicity to the Governor Simon Lalong.

In his recent interview granted with ThisDay newspapers published on 10 August 2017, he was either misquoted or what he said was inaccurate.

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He accredited many achievements to this administration to the extent that if you’re only reading and rely on the media, you may assume Governor Lalong has excelled in performance.

For instance, he would say… “Jos main market is right now being repaired” but if you’re a resident in Jos you could grasp and agree with me that he didn’t say the reality.

And the fact remains irrefutable that the Lalong administration has indeed displayed unprecedented ineptitude in almost sectors in its two years in office.

The truth is Plateau state is in physical malfunction, the government could not complete some critical projects inherited from the past administration while no new project completed is insight.

When you’re on inter-local government tour coming from the West to the east, Pengana in Bassa to Kuka Shendam or from the South to the north, Asakiyo in Quanpan to Zalli in Kanam you find infrastructures remained in a sorry state; health sector could not ascertain minimum health care delivery because facilities aren’t in place and staffs are inadequate.

The Almighty Plateau Specialist hospital can best be described as a shadow of itself.

Education sector hasn’t improved; the poor performance in both WAEC and NECO in two years is nothing but a disgrace. Lack of qualified teachers, teachers’ welfare, and learning environment is not conducive.

This administration have ignored bad the roads and the new ones under construction have been neglected and abandoned – the abandoned roads construction in some part of Jos city have rendered the living conditions of many residents in a state of disarray.

Sand dust disperses and overwhelmed the wellbeing in the affected areas. One cannot wear white clothes and walk around; people are forced to wear facemask to prevent the havoc; roadside traders are in the risk of displaying their goods.

The complexity of these problems has proven lack of commitment by Governor Lalong to fulfill his campaign promises.

The oppositions are ineffable and incapable to check the failure in the Rayfield. That act of nonpartisan has given the government free hand to relax in their responsibility.

Since the return of democracy in 1999, Plateau state has been under ruling party. Therefore, it is easy to get access to Abuja without opposite theories. Alas, Governor Lalong has not taken that advantage to transform the state; he could only pay workers monthly salary without rancour.

It is so far recorded as the only achievement and some commentators described him as a salary governor.

Apart from traditional monthly allocations from the federation account, plateau state has received the total sum of #27,430,221,209 billion from Paris club refunds. And has taken additional loan of #42 billion.

Youth unemployment rate has increased, no jobs no empowerment.

And the 2019 general election is fast approaching everything have to done in less than 17 months, the political activities may kick start in the next six months.

On a serious note by now the electorates should a have cognition why the previous the government of impunity of Governor Jonah Jang was not better and why the present Administration is an option.

Abu Maigoro is a concerned citizen.

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