Governor Lamido Fights Dirty Environment, Eradicates The Menace Of Open Defecation In Jigawa By Umar Faruq Usman ,Dutse

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Jigawa State government in the last seven years of Governor Lamido administration has spent over N2 billion naira for the construction of Rural Roads, these projects were embarked upon by the State Ministry Of Rural Infrastructure for the benefits of masses in the state.
This development was stated by the State Commissioner Rural Infrastructure Alhaji Sunusi Muhammed Gako in an exclusive interview with our correspondent in Dutse the Jigawa State Capital, the Commissioner also stated that before the coming of Lamido Administration in 2007 Jigawa State was in a bad situation as many projects said to have been executed by the administration of Governor Saminu Turaki were not completed due to failure of that administration, even as he also added that some of the projects were in a dilapidated level.
Explaining further he said that the present administration has done a lot toward the development of the state especially the development of the state capital to look as a state capital that can compete with any other state capital across the federation.
Gako further stated that in the last seven years of Governor Lamido Administration, his ministry has constructed over 2,500 kilometre roads in the rural areas; in which over N200 million was spent for the execution of these various road projects in the rural areas across the state with a view to link all rural areas to the state capital making it accessible to travel to the state capital.
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In the area of water supply, he said the Ministry has also provided Water Boreholes to rural communities of  which about 21 communities have benefited and over 5000 boreholes were constructed each at the cost of N750,000 with a view to provide clean water to people living in the rural area in the state.
In the area of rural electrification the Ministry has linked over 500 villages with to the National grid from the inception of Governor Lamido in 2007 to date and public convenient toilets were constructed at major markets and public places across the state with a view to eradicate the menace of open defecation in the state to ensure clean environment.
Investigation carried  out by our reporter shows that  the state government has constructed similar projects at Jumat mosques and Primary Schools and three additional public toilets were constructed at all the 27 local government headquarters in the state with a view to educate the people about the danger of open defecation which initially destroyed the state hygienic environment.
Our reporter discovered that that Jigawa State is among the best state in environmental cleaning and protection based on media Assessment in 2010 and 2013 respectively. It was gathered that over 3,000 boreholes were constructed in various locality by the ministry in collaboration with DFID and UNICEF in the state as well as MDGs with their support to build hygienic environment in the state.
The Commissioner added DFID and the EU has made their by constructing public toilets in public places and major markets in the state which include Sara market ,Gujungu, Shuwarin, and Hadejia markets as well as other  markets like Maigatari border market in an effort to stop open defecation in the state
According to investigation conducted by our reporter find out that in 2011 the state has constructed Wangara  Junction to Wangara Town and Babande to Maku road and Kwanar Tsuru to Tsuru Town In Maigatari ,Garki and Dutse local government area of the state,  while in 2013 it also constructed Yalo to Unguwar Jibirim in Kaugama local government,  Guri to Adiyani in Guri local government and Gantsa to Tijiyo and Ahoto village in Buji local government area of the state others are Jibori Garin Alaye and Malam Madori in Kiri Kasamma local government area and Ayama junction to Ayama village in Auyo local government.
The Ministry also constructed roads from Zauma to Zaumar Mahauta to Gwiwa local government headquarter, also there is the construction of road from  Dangoli to Katanga to Jawa from Jawa to Madobi to state capital Dutse and the others from Garki To Jangari To Muku and Kanya respectively in Garki local government area of the state.
Other roads constructed in 2014 include road from Limawa to Galamawa in Dutse Local Government and from Kwanar Idanduna to Kadawawa town In Jahun local government and Bigidan to Dumas and from Dumas to Gambara village in Birnin Kudu local government area of the state, also roads from Girbobo and Arbus were also link with Malam Madori local government headquarters 2014.
The road from Yalwa to Duru and Yargaba in Dutse were also been linked with state headquarter in Dutse local government and road from Gumel to Garin Gambo in Gumel local government area, also roads from Kiyako to Zarena and Shugurun village all benefited with the rural road projects in 2014.

Our reporter also reported that Roads from Dakido village to Malam local government and Shafar Gidan Sani to Daguzau in Ringim were linked to Ringim local government as well as road from Tsamiyar Kwance to Lamintani village in Babura local government were constructed  all with a view to provide good roads to rural communities and bring people nearer to the government.

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