Governor Lalong’s Commissioner For Special Duties, Hitter Dadi Drags To Court Over Refusal To Pay Back Loan And Issuing Of Dud Cheque

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Yakubu Busari

The former Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Area of Plateau State and now Commissioner for Special Duties under Governor Simon Bako Lalong, Hon Hitler Fankun Dadi has been accused of issuing a Bounced cheque to First Lowland Micro Finance Bank limited.

The embattled Commissioner was the chairman of Langtang South LGC Mabudi at the time of this incident, learnt that sometimes in February 2010, he opened a current account with the First Lowland Micro Finance Bank Ltd with account Number 121102251, then in 2011 he approached the bank for a loan to enable him obtained the service of a legal practitioner during the tenure of Governor Jonah Jang who truncated his tenure.

As learnt by this medium the commissioner, Hitler Dadi an APC stakeholder, was again dragged to court over alleged abuse of public trust, he was dragged back to court for his inability to opt out of court settlement for the second time since he became  Commissioner one and a half year ago.

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Dr Hitter Dadi is currently facing series of litigation due to his inability to pay some debt he incurred while serving as the Chairman Langtang south Local government council during the tenure of governor Jonah Jang.

A source who pleaded anonymity narrated that in about 2011 when Hilter Dadi was the Local Government chairman of Langtang south he borrowed some money from a micro finance bank to settle the scores he had had with the then government of Jonah Jang.

“When he had a problem with Jang and they wanted to remove him, they freeze his account and he approached us requesting that if he didn’t have that money he will be removed.

His Personal Assistant, Mr Ringjul T.Dashed wrote a letter and signed and he counter signed, after a week he came back and pleaded that he needed some money, then I was in Abuja but we worked out ways and approved additional N300, 000 and later he again sent his Personal Assistant requesting for N600, 000.

“We agreed that he will pay 10 per cent and he asked us to increase it to make N1m. We increased the money to that amount. He however brought a GTB cheque which bounced.”

“After we complained, he Later sent his PA with N100, 000 and after he brought 200,000, but insisted to collect N50,000 to use as transport fair, When this lingered we sought for the  Intervention of Senator John Shagaya, Shagaya who pleaded but still sent N150,000

However, the he was sued by the Micro-finance Bank, and Hitter who is the defendant carried out some cash transaction through his personal Assistant, Mr Ringjul T.Dashed on March, 12th 2011 by collecting the sum of N300, 000.00 (three hundred thousand naira only) on behalf of Hon Hitter Dadi which he then acknowledged collecting the sum in a communication by a letter prepared and signed by him ,Dr Hitler Dadi.

Our correspondent gathered that the letter reads, that Mr Ringjul T.Dashe again in a letter dated 14th March, 2011 requested for another N610,000.00 for Mr. Hitter Dadi pleading with the Bank manager by then interest charge on over draft had rose to N90,000.00.

This medium learnt that the former Chairman now Commissioner for Special Duty issued a postdated cheque on July, 30th 2012 asking for additional funds of N20, 000.00 to enable him fuel his car back to Jos.

However, the 1,000.000.00 postdated cheque was presented on the 18th April, 2011 for clearance but was returned unpaid; also that Dr Hitter Dadi has neglected and failed to redeem the DUD cheque.

The First Lowland Micro Finance Bank manager, accused, the Commissioner for Special Duty of owing principal sum of loan amounting up to N810, 000.00 including the interest charged amounting to N1, 740,100.00 since he entered into agreement on April, 14th 2011.

Information available in the court document show that the Commissioner Hon Hitter Fankun  Dadi  in his statement  of defences as is herein expressly admitted the transaction but denied each and every allegation of fact contained in the statement of claim (hereinafter simply referred to as claims) as if same were’ herein set out and traversed seriatim.

Hon Hitler Dadi admited the averments of 350,000.00 when he became the chairman of Langtang south, then, the Managing Director of the Bank, Mr Amos Balami kept marketing the Bank to him and indeed requested him on several occasions to open an account with them at the Bank and caused the Langtang south LGC to patronize their other facilities .

According to him following the series of request by the managing Director, Hitler reasoned that it would be beneficial for the people of Langtang south LGC whom the Bank exist in their domain to have the local government patronize the Bank.

Consequence to the fact stated above Dadi caused an official current account to be opened for the local government in the Bank. The said managing director later came and informed him that he (the managing director) had already opened a current account for him in the Bank, Dr Hitler Dadi stressed.

Hitler Dadi vehemently denied the averment in statements which the Managing director  claim was transactions that took place on 12/03/2011, as he said he only authorized by Ringjul T Dashe to collect from the said account the sum of N300,000.00 from the Bank which authority he duly honoured and the cash remitted to him .



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