Governor Abdullahi Alhaji.Sule Must Be Bold Enough To Offend Anybody That Stand His Way To Satisfy The People of Nasarawa State–Barrister Abdullahi Ubandoma Abdullahi

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Barrister Abdullahi Ubandoma Abdullahi Is a legal luminary cum politician who contested for the seat of Federal House of Representatives under the banner of an opposition party, The African Democratic Congress to represent Lafia/Obi Federal constituency in 2019 election. Is an indigene of Lafia, Nasarawa State, In this special interview he commended the immediate past Governor of the State, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura for his track record while appreciating  Engr.Abdullahi Sule for a good begining, He further advice the incumbent Governor to do more to move the State forward especially the engagement of vibrant media team that would showcase his achievements.

How can you access the one year of Governor Abdullahi Sule ?.

Thank you for the wonderful question, as an indigene of the State I have nothing to regret rather I will say the executive Governor, Abdullahi Alhaji.Sule just like the other ten aspirants that contested with him in 2019 election  are qualified to be the Governor of the State but Abdullahi Sule is more qualified going by his impeccable credentials and exposure, as a successful engineer cum politician .There was a lot of expectations by  the people of the State, my thinking was that he will redouble his effort to rescue the people from bad leadership which is our major hiccups since creation in 1999 by then head of State, Gen Muhammed Sani Abacha. The first Governor, Abdullahi Adamu spend eight years in office while Aliyu Akwe Doma just one term and was ousted by Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, and we all know the ousting of Akwe Doma culminated from his performance in office. Though in spite of the shortcomings of Al-Makura, he has performed above board especially in infrastructural development ranging from roads, under Al-Makura the State began to see a clear cut leadership as an eye opener to the citizenry and we keep thinking that if Governor Sule takes over he would do more than his predecessor. As a matter of fair comment, my though is that Sule would move faster than Al-Makura, The Governor is doing his modest best to tackle the monumental challenges that bedeviled the State, The blueprint of the administration and the crops of political appointees under Governor Sule is a clear indication that the Chief executive is focused to an extent .Going by his track records in 12 months, I’m optimistic that he has embarked on massive road network in the area of road construction,roads are ongoing at Mararaban Udegi , Sisimbaki-Kwarra, Kagbo-Wana, Atabula in Obi.

Governor Sule In the education sector within his 100 days approved the release of N96m to clear backlog of bursary allowances which was hanging for years; He also approved the employment of over 2,408 Secondary and Primary school teachers. He deserved credit, what I observed as the weaknesses of the Government  was that  the current administration  needs a vibrant Media team to showcase the achievements of the Governor because democracy is for the people just like Governance is about people.


As an opposition what advice would you give to the current administration?

I will advise the Governor to be bold to withstand anybody that may stand his way to satisfied the people of Nasarawa State, Though the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current economic crunch has adversely affects not only Nasarawa State but the entire globe as a whole,As a concerned indigent of Nasarawa State I’m aware that the resource in the coffers of the State is not enough to execute projects , Some of us are aware that the former Governor, Al-Makura collected loans running into billions of naira.I salute the courage of Governor Sule for withstanding the pressure, I mean the Governor must remain firm ,Though there are a lot of insinuations that A. A. Sule don’t want to offend his godfather, Al-Makura.Again the shendam road landlord has make frantic effort to revive the Farin Ruwa Water Falls which would be a source of Internally Generated Revenue as well serves as a cynosure for visitors.

In Nasarawa State things are not moving fine, I knew the debt profile of the State would not allow him to perform more better, however if you have certain challenges and you tried to stage manager it nobody will know your predicament and this exactly what is happening in Nasarawa State under Governor Sule,I expect him  to come out openly to tell the people of the State the reality on ground.


What would be your opinion on the sales of Nasarawa State common-wealth by the former Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura?

Engr.Sule should not hesitate to reverse some Government policies taken by the previous administration especially those that are not in tandem with the yarning and aspiration of the broad-spectrum populace.The people of Nasarawa State needs answers to their questions by asking how much was the cost of the properties sold, who purchased what, Another question is are those landed properties ranging from buildings in Lagos,Kaduna and Abuja worthy ? of what value are those properties to the State and if the answer is no then selling them should not generate any heat.


Are you satisfied with the conditions of Courts in the State?

Abdullahi Sule deserved commendation for his commitment in building the State especially awarding contract for the building of new courts in the State, The rejuvenation of courts would make it more conducive for judges and any other person in the court, as you know a well-furnished court room would enhance the performance of a judge.


Barrister sir, what possible solutions did you want Governor Sule to inject into the Judiciary especially the ongoing rot following the connivance of some gullible staff of High court, Ministry of Justice and the Correctional Service realising inmates at will which is an abuse of judicial system in it entirety ?.


Justice Suleiman Umar Dikko,The Chief Judge of the State must take proper control of records to avoid gullible staff tempering with important documents, he should ensure that special seal are provided to Judges to avoid such occurrence whereby an inmate serving a jail term ranging from criminal offences like culpable homicide and armed robbery were set free, The special seal would go a long way in checkmating the non challant attitude exhibited by the above authorities. The Chief Judge should take drastic sanction on people found wanting, We had it that some staff of Ministry of Justice, High court, Correctional service were detained and released on bail, this development is quit unfortunate.


It might interest the people of Nasarawa State on the significance of criminal Justice system in Nasarawa State?


Is not only to Nasarawa State alone but applicable to the country, Criminal Justice System will speed up the dispensation of Justice by tackling the issues of diversion of substantive matter been kept aside due to frivolous applications slowing down criminal matters.


The State Assembly recently wrote to the Governor to sack the Secretary to the State Government, Ahmed Tijjani Aliyu over misappropriation of N248m, how can you react to this, my Lord?

If not in Nigeria, in advance countries people at the echelon of power would resign to pave way for proper investigation, and if Governor Sule do that, It will add credibility to the personality of the administration in the fight against corruption, This happened at the presidency when Babachi was foist to resign over grass cutting scandal, you are aware of the episode.

As a youth and a politician, what message do you have for youth in the State?

Youth in Nasarawa State should shun hooliganism at all times and I will advise our youth to vote credible politicians with credence, Youth should be productive not be an agents of street roaming.

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