Gov. Lalong Presents N145 Billion Budget Of Rescue And Consolidation For 2018 Fiscal Year

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong  has presented a budget of One Hundred and Forty-Five Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty-Eight Million, Sixty-Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty-Two Naira (N145,488,066,352.00)

The Governor made the presentation at the State House of Assembly complex on Thursday which is tagged “BUDGET OF RESCUE AND CONSOLIDATION”.


In this budget, he said; “we shall be consolidating on the gains and achievements of this administration since the beginning of our Rescue Mission”, he said.

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According to him ,the increase is due to increase in certain Recurrent Expenditures and the fact that the Country is going out of recession and the hope that our economy is getting better; thereby improving the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) potentials of the State.

Read The Full Speech of The Budget Below:


The RT. Hon. Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly,

Honourable Members and

Citizens of Plateau State.


 Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, you will recall about this time last year, in fulfillment of Section 121 Sub-section (1) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, which requires the Governor to prepare and lay a budget estimate before the House of Assembly, I presented to this Honourable House the “Budget of Rescue and confidence building”. The underlining principle of the budget was to build on the confidence of the people who gave us the mandate through their votes in 2015. The budget was also meant to build a new socio-economic and political compact that would create better opportunities for every Plateau Citizen.

It is once again my honour to address the Honourable Assembly for the sole purpose of presenting the 2018 Budget of the State.


Mr. Speaker and Members, before I present to you the details of the 2018 budget, it is expedient to give the highlights of how far we have fared in the implementation of the 2017 budget.                               

To this end, the budget of One Hundred and Thirty-Nine Billion, Four Hundred and Ninety Four Million, Three Hundred and Eight Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Six Naira (N139,494,308,256.00) only was passed by this House. The breakdown of the budget showed that the sum of Sixty Nine Billion, Three Hundred and Sixty Two Million, Six Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety Five Naira (N69,362,699,295.00) only was allocated to Recurrent Expenditures, while Seventy Billion, One Hundred and Thirty One Million, Six Hundred and Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and Sixty One Naira (N70,131,608,961.00) only was for Capital Expenditures.


During the year under review (January – October, 2017), a total revenue of Sixty Billion, Seven  Hundred and Forty Seven Million, Fourteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty Naira, Ninety Nine Kobo (N60,747,014,420.99) only was realized from various sources. The Revenue breakdown is as follows:

Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)­ from the Formal and Informal Sectors of the State is Eight Billion, Seven Hundred and Thirty Million, One Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty Naira, Sixty Three Kobo (N8,730,167,830.63) only, showing 37.94% performance.

Statutory Revenue from Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC), is Twenty Three Billion, Four Hundred and Sixty Seven Million, Eight Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Thirteen Naira, Twenty Four Kobo (N23,467,866,213.24) only, showing 78.23% performance.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is Seven Billion, Eight Hundred and Seventy Million, One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty Naira, One Kobo (N7,870,195,830.01) only showing a performance of 87.36%.

Exchange Gains Difference is Two Billion, Thirty Eight Million, Nine Hundred and Eleven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fourteen Naira, Seventy One Kobo (N2,038,911,914.00) only.

Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) is One Billion, Three Hundred and Twenty Seven Million, Eight Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, Fifty Five Naira, Eighty Seven Kobo (N1,327,884,055.87) only.

Refunds from Paris Club Loan (State Share) is Three Billion, Three Hundred and Eighty Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Thirty Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eighty Naira, Sixty Eight Kobo (N3,389,833,880.68) only.

Budget Support Facility is Seven Billion, Six Hundred and Sixty Million Naira (N7,660,000,000.00) only.

The State Government also received some interventions through her Tertiary Institutions from the Tertiary Education Trust Funds (TET Fund) and others sources such as Grants to the State.

May I at this juncture mention that a great part of revenue that accrued to the State from the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee, which accumulated to the Sum of Eleven Billion, Six Hundred and Thirty Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Nineteen Naira, Fifty Kobo (N11,639,796,619.50) only was deducted from source as Bond Issuance, Commercial Bank Loans, Structured, Foreign Loans, Excess Crude Account, Facility etc. as owned by the State. This deduction is on-going. This means that every month, the State comes back with little or nothing from the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) meeting in Abuja.


Despite the lean revenue realized in the State during this period, the State Government has continued to make payments of salaries, pensions and other social benefits a priority. The sum of Nineteen Billion, Two Hundred and Seventy Six Million, One Hundred and Seventy One Thousand, Thirty Naira Fifty Three Kobo (N19,276,171,030.53) only was used for payment of salaries of Civil Servants and Political Appointees. While the sum of Three Billion, Sixteen Million, Twenty Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty Seven Naira, Sixty Eight Kobo (N3,016,029,457.68) only has so far been spent for the payment of pensions of retired Civil Servants in the State.  Government has also released funds for the payment of pensions of retirees of the State’s Tertiary Institutions. Gratuity of retired civil servants which has accumulated for over two decades will be given utmost priority given available resources.

As earlier mentioned, a large part of our resources is also spent on loans and interest payments as well as other liabilities of the State. In all, the total sum of Forty Eight Billion, Seven Hundred and Eighty Three Thousand Million, Two Hundred and Eleven Thousand, Ninety Three Naira, Thirty Eight Kobo (N48,783,211,093.38) only was spent for Recurrent Expenditure representing 68.52% of the budgeted figure.


Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, this is the area in which the people of Plateau who are not in government also feel the impact of our Rescue Mission. The 2017 budget was streamlined to address the 5-Pillar Policy Trust of this Administration with particular emphasis on the completion of on-going projects and the initiation of critical ones.

During the period under review, the sum of Ten Billion, Nine Hundred and Twenty One Million, Ninety Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Five Naira, Forty Seven Kobo (N10,921,090,865.47) only was expended on capital projects such as constructions, buildings, supplies and consultancy services. Though the amount may look small, the work done so far outweighs the amount released as some contractors have Certificates of Valuations (CVs) awaiting payments. As a responsible Government, we do not want to tie the State to further loans and therefore I commend our contractors for exhibiting high sense of understanding and patience for the state’s revenue to improve.

For the purpose of accountability, it is my honour and privilege therefore to give the highlights of some of the capital projects and programs executed during the year under review, based on sub­- sectors.


Most of the Road Projects that were inherited from the last Administration have received desired attention. Some have been completed, while others will soon be completed. Some of them are:

Dualization of Old Airport Junction-Rayfield-Bukuru with spur to Dogon Karfe and New Government House;

Construction and Resurfacing of Mararaban Jama’a-British American Junction;

Shendam-Kalong-Shimankar Bridge;

Dong-Rantiya-Gyel Road Network;

Gunji-Shiwer-Dokpai with spur to Tiplik;

Foron-BakinKogi-Buyo Road;

Dualization of TEAN Junction-Bukuru-Yakubu Gowon Express way- Kugiya-Rahol Kanang Junction;

Mangu-SabonLayi (COCIN Rehabilitation Centre) Road;

Jos-Maza-Angware-Buyo Road;

Jengre-Amo-Katako Road;

Langtang-Garkawa-Yelwa-Shendam with spur to Lalin Road;

Europharm-Dyei-Zarmaganda-Mazaram Road Network;

Fobur-Federe-Angware Road;

Kufang-Wildlife Park with spur to D.Y Bali and Bitrus Rwang Pam Roads.

Government has also recently mobilized Contractors who have since commenced construction work on over 22 new roads that are spread across the State. Aggressive work is on-going on these roads, which Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members and the general Public can attest to. The roads include:

MarabaDemshin-Shimankar road;

Demshin-AngwanDadi-Kalong-Nyak road;

Dokan-Tofa-Ba’ap=Kurgwi road;

Lardang Tim and Kwoor Loop road;

Constuction of Shinkwan-Tunkus road;

Construction of Wase-Kadarko-DadinKowa-Mabudi road;

Construction of Dengi-Bashar-Gjin Bashar road;

Construction of Dengi-KwalmiyaDugub-Gagdi road;

Dawaki_Gyangyang road;

Somji-Seri-Amper road;

Construction of Langkang-Dyis-Kagu-Sihin road;

Construction of Mangu Bye-Pass;

Construction of Kuba-Tenti-Manguna road;

Construction of Kpasho-Chakarum-Kogom-Vwang road with spur to Vom Vet;

Bet-Lobiring-Dorowa road;

Dorowa-Mazat-Kuba road;

Fobur-Naton-Fursa-Maijuju road;

Maijuju-Zandi road;

Tahoss-Ganawuri road;

Dahareng-Korofang-Hawankibo road;

Construction of Wase-Mavo-Gimbi road;

Construction of Lohmak-Gazum road with spur to Kumkwam.


This Sub-sector has also received Government’s desired attention. This is in its attempt to make Jos-Bukuru Township accessible from different points. Some of the road constructions have since commenced and work is near completion. These include:

Construction of Angwan Rogo road network;

Construction of Kabong Satellite Market-Tudun Wada road spur to Mado Tourist and Sabon Gari;

Construction of Rikkkos-Yanshanu-Gangare road;

Construction of Lamingo Housing road network;

Construction of Akila Manchunga-Utonkon-Keana road with spur to Abattoir;

Construction of ITF Quarters road network

A National Housing Scheme has been embraced by the State through the acquisition and adequate compensation of Lands at Laminga. This has since been handed over to the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

It is no news that with the commissioning of Plateau Geographic Information System (PLAGIS), the ban on the processing of Land Titles was lifted making the process less cumbersome. The Government has again extended the period of the downward review of the rates by 50% to further encourage land owners get titles at good rates.

An industrial layout will be developed in the state, while a mass Housing unit layout has also been identified at Naraguta Village, along Bauchi Road with the aim of consolidating on the existing Peace in Plateau State.


The State Government has continued to pay attention to Water Supply and Energy in the State. During the year under review, government has initiated and developed some Water Policies namely:

Water and Sanitation Policies;

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the Water Sector;

Water Law.

All these policies are aimed at complete reform of the Water Sector and improved service delivery. The State Government is also being supported by EU-UNICEF through the construction of 340 hand-pump boreholes in Riyom and Shendam Local Government Areas.

Furthermore, the Plateau State Water Board has received delivery of assorted Water Treatment Chemicals to supply good portable water to its citizens. The Board has repaired Bokkos water pumps and Ministry of Works Yard Water Reservoir, while the repair of transformer there is on- going. The Board also replaced some broken down pipes within Jos-Bukuru metroplis, thereby improving the supply and distribution of water in the state capital and its environs.


The State Government has continued to ensure that the environment is kept clean through the monthly sanitation exercise coupled with the efforts of Street Cleaners.

The National Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) has received great support from the State Government to intervene in areas affected by erosion in the State. This support has enabled the project to access the sum of Two Billion Naira(N2,000,000,000.00) to control erosion in some already identified sites in the State. Some Chinese Investors have also indicated their interests in solid minerals exploration, which is a major investment opportunity for our State to tap revenues.


This sector has over the years continued to receive Government’s desired attention. During the year under review, Government procured and distributed fertilizers at subsidized rates to farmers. In all, six thousand three hundred and thirty three (6,333) tones of assorted fertilizers was distributed to farmers during the last farming season. The State Government has also approved the engagement of   Agricultural Extension Workers on ad-hoc basis to render services to our farmers to increase better output.

The State Government has also embraced the Federal Government’s Programme on Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP), aimed at opening up rural roads to our farmers through a loan of Sixty Million Dollars $60,000,000 (with a 5% counterpart contribution).


The Tourism potentials of Plateau State cannot be overemphasized, despite the disruption of peace in recent times in the State. However, it is a fact also that in the last 2 years the state has enjoyed relative peace and the Ministry Tourism was able to successfully organize the maiden edition of “Jos Carnival” where the various cultures of peace-loving people of Plateau were paraded.

Consultations are ongoing on the signing of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with some reputable companies for the development and upgrading of some Government Hotels and Tourist Sites in the State. In addition, the State has signed another MOU with a French Based Company, Kanerkozo Park Limited, for the rehabilitation, upgrading and leasing of Pankshin Hotel to promote Tourism.


Government has continued the massive renovation and reconstruction of Hospitals and other health facilities in the State. The Hospitals in Riyom and Kwal in Kanke LGC have been completed, while the other ones are nearing completion. My recent visit to the Plateau Specialist Hospital will attest to our desire to complete our projects without further delay. The Primary Health-Care Development Agency has fully taken over the provision of Primary Health-Care Services at the Local Government Level.

In addition, Education Sub-sector is also receiving the desired attention of this administration. The renovation and construction of Secondary Schools have continued with some completed and awaiting furnishing and equipping. The State University successfully held its first convocation ceremony, with facilities like fencing, landscaping, acquisition of laboratory equipment, furnishing and buildings provided in the University as well as other Tertiary Institutions in the State. Government has taken the issue of Accreditation of Courses very seriously and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that all Courses are accredited to improve the standard of the Institutions.

The State Government remains committed to promoting sporting and other social activities in the State. Work has reached advanced stage at the new Stadium at Goodluck Ebele Jonathan road. Also, due to the Administration’s support Clubs and Association, the Plateau United Football Club gained promotion to the Premier League and also won the 2016-2017 National Nigeria Premiership Football League NPFL Cup.

The Plateau Youth Council which had remained moribund for some years successfully conducted their Youth Council elections this year. A Council Executive is fully in place and Youth Empowerment Programmes and other activities towards promoting peace in the State have been initiated by the Council.


To regain the lost glory of Jos being the Commercial hub of the State and North-Central Region of Nigeria, Consultancy Services to rebuild the Jos Main Market and resuscitation of Jos International Breweries is almost completed. The Bokkos abandoned Fertilizer Blending Plant commenced production this farming season with fertilizers flooding the market from the Plant.

Agreement has been reached with the Contractor of Rukuba Road Kabong Satellite Market to complete the construction of the market to enable traders occupy the market.

Government has also kept its promise of taking over the BARC Farms which was sold out to a private individual. Payments have commenced in this respect, and it is expected that the sum of One Billion, Five Hundred Million will be paid by the State Government to buy back the Farm.

The Plateau State Microfinance Development Agency (PLASMEDA) has already commenced the disbursement of Small and Medium Scale Loans to individuals and co-operative societies. This will reduce the poverty level of our people and improve the capital base of small scale enterprises in the State.


Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, you will agree with me that this Government has done well in the administration of the State. This can be seen in the political appointments that are well spread across the ethnic groups in the State as promised during our campaigns. For us to succeed, we need to carry everybody alone. To this end, the new roads under construction cover the entire State.

The State Government has been able to pay salaries of Civil Servants and pensions of retirees up to date. Recently too, I directed the payment of arrears of “No Work- No Pay” to Teachers of Primary Schools, Local Government Staff and Workers of the State Tertiary Institutions. Thanks to the release of the 1st and 2nd tranche of the Paris and London Club loan refunds by the Buhari’s Change Administration.

The promotions exercise of Civil Servants is a continuous exercise and a priority of this Administration. Our efforts to lease pending promotions and timely pay workers emoluments have further cemented the relation between Workers and Government.

Until recently, the State has for the past 2 years enjoyed relative peace. This is evident in the State hosting several workshops, conferences and seminars, such as the National Council on power, which was attended by experts from the 36 State of the Federation; Association of Service Staff of Banks, Insurance, and Financial Institutions; the National Council on Information and Lake Chad Basin Commission; and Governors and Delegates Conference were also held in the state successfully.

Despite some pockets of attacks on the peace-loving people of the State in places like Bassa, Riyom and Bokkos, we are committed to ensuring that absolute peace and Hospitality is restored to the State by securing the lives and properties of the citizens.


Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, I will now use this opportunity to update you on ongoing reforms at the Ministry of Finance on Financial Management of our state resources. With support by the World Bank, through the Plateau State Public Sector Governance Reform & Development Project, we have revamped the State Financial Management Information System (FMIS) by the implementation of an enhanced ICT system for administration and accounting for public money. During the course of the financial year, we have acquired new ICT infrastructure, upgraded the FMIS system, delivered hands-on training to Finance and Accountant employees at all MDAs on use of the FMIS system for monthly returns, recording and generation of financial reports. We have also reconfigured the system in conformity with best practices on Public Financial Management (PFM). We have deployed the system with the domesticated Chart of Account for recording, accounting and reporting in accordance to the classification of accounts and International Public Standard of Accounting (IPSAS) reporting.

In September of this year, the FMIS system was successfully commissioned for use by the Accountant General of the State. Since then, the FMIS has been the main financial management system managing and administering our budget execution and financial reporting.

The importance of the FMIS is that apart from providing the platform for consolidation of government fiscal management and operations, the system further set the foundation for fulfilment of compliance of our Fiscal Sustainability Plan. With a sound financial management system, the Plateau State stand the chance to benefit on future follow-on projects/investments by donor partners, citizen engagement in terms of access to financial information, and informed decision making as government will be in position to ascertain its cash position and other fiscal information for economic governance. The FMIS system shall improve timeliness in financial reporting, which is a statutory mandate of the Accountant General, as well as ease of consolidation of financial reports, budget controls and credibility, and an additional layer of transparency and accountability in the use of government funds.


Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, may I have the honour and privilege to present to this House, the 2018 Budget Estimate, which is tagged “BUDGET OF RESCUE AND CONSOLIDATION”. In this budget, we shall be consolidating on the gains and achievements of this administration since the beginning of our Rescue Mission.

The Budget has a total size of One Hundred and Forty-Five Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty-Eight Million, Sixty-Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty-Two Naira (N145,488,066,352.00) only. The increase is due to increase in certain Recurrent Expenditures and the fact that the Country is going out of recession and the hope that our economy is getting better; thereby improving the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) potentials of the State.


The Recurrent Revenue in the 2018 budget is estimated at Seventy-Six Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty Four Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty One Thousand, Three Hundred Ninety-Three Naira (N76,534,751,393.00) only. This consist of Twenty One Billion, One Hundred and Sixty-Six Million, Ninety-One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fourteen Naira (N21,166,091,714.00) only as Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), Thirty Six Billion, Five Hundred Million, (N36,500,000,000.00) as Revenue from the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) derived from the projection of Federal Government’s MTEF variables and figures released as well as projection from the state’s MTSS. Other revenue projections include Eighteen Billion, Eight Hundred and Sixty-Nine Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Nine Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventy-Nine Naira (N18,869,659,679.00) only as Reimbursements from the Federal Government for the Federal Roads constructed by the State Government.


The sum of Thirty Billion, Five Hundred and Ninety One Million, Eight Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Seven Hundred Naira (N34,591,813,700.00) only is estimated for Capital Receipts. This is consisting of Value Added Tax (VAT); Nine Billion, Five Hundred Million Naira (N9,500,000,000.00), Refunds from Paris and London Club Loans; Ten Billion Naira (N10,000,000,000.00). Three Billion, Seven Hundred and Fifty Four Million, Eight Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Seven Hundred Naira (N3,754,813,700.00) only is for Draw Downs from Donor Projects. The sum of Six Billion Naira (N6,000,000,000.00) only is estimated for External Loans.

At this juncture, may I inform the Hon. House that the budget is in deficit of the sum of Thirty Four Billion, Three Hundred and Sixty-One Million, Five Hundred and One Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine Naira (N34,361,501,259.00) only. This represents 23.62% of the budget size. The deficit is to finance the expenditure side of the estimate and will be draw from both internal sources if the need arises during the implementation of the budget.


The Budget has a Recurrent Expenditure estimate of Seventy-Five Billion, Eight Hundred and Forty-One Million, Forty-Five Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira (N75,841,045,292.00) only. This represents 52.13% of the budget estimate and is made up of the following:

Personnel Cost Estimate – Twenty Six Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty Four Million, Nine Hundred and Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eighty Nine Naira (N26,484,903,889.00) only;

Overhead Cost Estimate – Thirty Billion, Three Hundred and Fifty Five Million, Nine Hundred and Forty- Six Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seven Naira (N30,355,946,907.00) only; and

Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges – Nineteen Billion, One Hundred and Ninety Four Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Six Naira (N9,000,194,496.00) only.

As part of our Rescue Mission, we shall continue to accord priority to the welfare of Civil Servants through timely promotions and payments of salaries and allowances, pensions and gratuities of our retirees and the release of running cost to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).


Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, the proposed capital expenditure in this budget is Sixty-Nine Billion, Six Hundred and Forty-Seven Million, Twenty-One Thousand and Sixty Naira (N69,647,021,060.00) only. This represents 48.87% of the total estimate. The breakdown of the capital estimate based on sector is as follows:

Administrative Sector: Has been allocated the sum of Seventeen Billion, Four Hundred and Seventy-Eight Million, Fifteen Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty-Nine Naira (N17,478,015,839.00) only, representing 25.10% of the capital estimate;

Economic Sector: Has an allocation of Thirty Three Billion, Six Hundred and Eleven Million, Five Hundred and Ninety Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifteen Naira (N33,611,593,415.00) only, representing 48.26% of the capital estimate;

Social Sector: Has an allocation of Eighteen Billion, Fifty Two Million, Nine Hundred and Sixty One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Six Naira (N18,052,961,806.00) only, representing 29.92% of the capital estimate; while

Law and Justice: Has an allocation of Five Hundred and Four Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N504,450,000.00) only, representing 0.72% of the capital estimate.

Having given the broad allocations based on sectors, it is necessary to give the detail highlights based on sub-sectors.


This administration is fully committed to improving the fallen standard of education in the State. Therefore, the sum of Eleven Billion, Seven Hundred and Forty-Four Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Seven Naira. (N11,744,754,607.00) only, representing  16.86% of the capital  budget for this purpose. Some of the major projects in the budget include:

Building and Renovation of fifteen Secondary Schools (5per   senatorial zone);

Renovation of Government Technical College Bukuru;

Building and Renovation of Science Secondary Schools at Kuru, Mangun and Shendam is allocated the sum of N300,000,000.00;

Equipping of constructed and renovated schools will be given priority to enable students to occupy the renovated classrooms.

The sum of one Billion eight Hundred Million Naira (N1,800,000,000.00) only is allocated as counterpart contribution from the State to access funds from National Universal Basic Education Board for the construction, renovation and equipping primary  and junior secondary school across the State. The Plateau University Bokkos has an allocation of Four Billion, Four Hundred and Sixty-Seven Million, Forty-Eight Thousand, Two Hundred Fifty-Eight Naira (N4,467,048,258.00) only for the provision of various infrastructural facilities.

The Plateau State Polytechnic has an allocation at Eight Hundred and Forty-Seventy Million Naira (N847,000,000.00, only for its Capital Projects and Programs in the 2018 fiscal year. While College of Education, Gindiri and College of Art, Science & Tech, Kurgwi have allocations of Eight Hundred and Eighty-Five Million, Five Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand. Nine Hundred and Thirty Naira (N885,557,930.00) and Two Hundred and Seventy-Nine Million, Four Hundred and Four Thousand, Four Hundred and Nineteen Naira (N279,404,419.00) respectively for their capital projects and programmes.

Equally important is the payment of students’ scholarship allowances which Government has committed over Three Hundred and Fifty Million, Naira (N350,000,000.00) only. This is another area of Government’s support to students in Tertiary Institutions within and outside the country.


Agriculture is a sector that desires serious attention as a major provider of employment. Governments at all levels are shifting attention to turn-around the economy of Nigeria through this sector and Plateau State cannot be left out. In this budget, the sum of Three Billion, Six Hundred and Thirty-One Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N3,631,850,000.00) only is estimated for Agricultural Programmes, representing 5.21 percent of the estimate. Major projects and programmes include subsidy on Fertilizer, Tractorization, General Livestock Development and Special Intervention Programme in Agriculture, are projects also included in this budget.

Establishment and Management of Ranches has been introduced in the proposed budget. This will curb the activities of cattle owners and Herdsmen or Rearers, which is the major cause of crises in the State and Nation at large.

The Plateau State Agricultural Mechanization Services has been allocated the sum of One Hundred and Thirty-Two Million for procurement of Tractors with Ridgers, which will be distributed to the 17 Local Government Agricultural offices. While the Plateau State College of Agriculture Garkawa is allocated the sum of Four Hundred and Fifty-Three Million Naira (N453,000,000.00) only for its programmes which are aimed at boosting the agricultural sector.

Plateau Agricultural Development Programme is also given desired attention towards the implementation of its policies. To further consolidate on this, Government approved the recruitment of 400 extension workers who will assist the State in realization of current Agricultural activities through a more efficient Extension Services Delivery.


The estimate for the Health sub-sector is Four Billion, Three Hundred and Fifty-Five Million, Three Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty-One Naira (N4,355,354,841.00)only, representing 6.25 percent of the capital budget. Emphasis will be on the completion of on-going Construction and Renovation in all the General and Cottage Hospitals in the State as well as Plateau Specialist Hospital. Hospitals at Ryom, Kwal and Mabudi will be equipped and commissioned for use in this year’s budget.

Other areas of intervention in this sub-sector include;

Support in the area of malaria control with the intervention of World Health Organization.

Take-off Grant for the State Drugs Distribution Centre for effective Health Care delivery in the State, the Primary Health Care Development Agency has been provided the sum of Four Hundred and Eighty Four Million Naira (N484,000,000.00) only for the renovation of Primary Health Care(PHC) Clinics in all the 17 Local Government and other health projects.

In addition, the total sum of Four Hundred and Seventy Four Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N 474,200,000.00)only has been allocated to the three health Institutions in the State, namely, Colleges of Health Technology Zawan and Pankshin, and College of Nursing and Midwifery Vom.


Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, to further consolidate on the gains of this Rescue Administration, we have laid great emphasis on Infrastructural Development of the State. The sum of Eighteen Billion, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Two Million Naira (N18,852,000,000.00) only for the completion of the on-going roads started by the last administration and the ones started by this Government. This represents 27.07 percent of the estimate.

As earlier mentioned in the highlight of the budget performance, we have embarked on the opening up of new roads in all the Local Government Areas of the State to make rural areas easily accessible, especially for getting our Agricultural produce.

Details of these roads will be highlighted in the Commissioner of Finance Press Briefing on Budget Breakdown for the general public to comprehend.


For Ministry of Lands and Survey, the sum four Billion, One Hundred and Fourteen Million, Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty- Eight Naira (N4,114,520,488.00) only, which is 5.91 percent of the capital estimate is estimated in the budget to cover programs in this sub-sector. As the Plateau Geographic Information System (PLGIS) takes off, and the reduction in cost of land tittles by 50%, our people will be able to process their certificate with ease.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is embarking on construction and rehabilitation of roads within Jos and Bukuru metropolis. Major areas of attention in the budget include:

Kabong Satellite Market- Tudun Wada with a spur to Mado Tourist Hotel and Sabon Gari

Angwan Rogo Road Network and Dualization of Zaria crescent and Tafawa Balewa Road.

Akila Machunga(utongkong-keana) road will spur to Abattoir.

Roads within the Jos master plan and the proposed Bye pass.

The Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB) has an allocation of Five Hundred and Ten Million Naira(N510,000,000.00) only for its capital project. These include Rehabilitation of Roads within Jos and Bukuru Metropolis, Acquisition of Lowbed and others.


The Sum of Three Billion Five Hundred and Two Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (N3,502,800,000.00) only is estimated for Water, Energy and Sanitation in the budget, representing 5.03 percent. In realization of the importance of Water and Energy to human existence, Government in the past have sunk a lot of resources towards its Improvement.

However, realizing the fact that there are still some areas within Jos-Bukuru and some Local Governments without water, efforts are underway to ensure our people get portable drinking water. Major things to be done as captured by this budget include;

State intervention at Mangu Regional Water Supply(Network distribution and laying of pipelines has an allocation of Eight Hundred Million Naira (N800,000,000.00) only.

Expansion of water pipeline Distribution Network in Jos-Bukuru metropolis and other areas has an estimate of Eight Hundred Million Naira (N800,000,000.00) only.

Acquisition of Laboratory Equipment.

Electrification of towns and villages and the reconstruction of Wase-Langtang 33KV lines including rehabilitation of Wase township Distribution network.

The Water and Sanitation Agency will also give its support of providing water and sanitation at the rural areas. We will ensure that UNICEF programs of providing hand pumps and pit latrines in Riyom and Shendam are extended to other Local Government Areas through our own support of the counterpart contribution.


The sum of Two Billion, Eight hundred and Seventy-One Million, One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Naira (N2,871,125,000,000.00) only is allocated to this sub-sector in the budget. More attention will be given to the fertilizer production to make input easily accessible to our farmers. The reconstruction of the Jos Main Market under the private partnership participation (PPP) will be given priority in the budget. Arrangements and documentation to this effect have been completed between the Consultant and the government committee working on it. Equally, the Rukuba Road Satellite market project, which was abandoned will be completed for traders at terminus to move in, so that the reconstruction of the Jos Main Market will commence without hitches. We are all aware that a consultant is also working on the resuscitation of the Jos international Breweries for work to resume there. The Brewery Agricultural Research Company (BARC) Farms, which has been bought back by this Administration is expected to be fully taken over for resumption of Agricultural activities and invariably job creation to commence.

Equally important is the fact that our Small and Medium scale business Men and Women now have opportunities to obtain loans and other facilities from Plateau State Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (PLASMEDA). To this end, the sum of One Billion Naira (N1,000,000,000.00) has been set aside for establishment of Micro-Finance Banks and Micro Industries in the State.


The Government is making concerted efforts to harness all the tourism potentials in the State. To this end, the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty-Four Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Naira (N354,900,000.00) only is allocated in the budget. To achieve this, Government has concluded on PPP arrangement with some Chinese investors and other reputable indigenous companies to take over Jos and Plateau Hotels, Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Mado Tourist Hotel and other tourist areas.

The Luka Bentu Indoor Theatre that is long abandoned will be completed for full operation so that the cultural and other art works can be archived in the state for preservation of our culture and tradition.


This administration will continue to give our Women and Youth a prime place to participate actively in the governance process. To achieve this, the sum of Nine Hundred and Fifty-Two Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N952,200,000.00) only is allocated for their Programs. Some off these programs include:

Rehabilitation of Shendam and Pankshin Youth Centres.

Completion of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp.

Completion of the Multi-Billion Naira stadium at Goodluck Jonathan road.

With the creation of the State Disability Right Commission, the physically challenged have a place in our government. A proposal for the construction of accessibility to state government agencies is in the budget, while a Rehabilitation Centre would be constructed in Shendam to serve the Southern Zone.


The sub-sector has an allocation One Billion Forty-Three Million One Hundred and Ninety-seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty Seven Naira(N1,043,197,927.00) only for the preservation of environment and Mineral Resources Development. Government will procure additional Dino Bins to ease collection of wastes and this will be privatized for effective management. The monthly sanitation exercise, which is aimed at the general cleaning of our environment will continue to be observed with more seriousness and offenders will be prosecuted by the agencies concerned.

With our commitments to Nigeria Erosion and Watershed management program (NEWMAP) in terms of counterpart contribution, erosion pruned areas in the state would be given a face-lift. For instance, areas like Zoo-Jankwano, Relevant Technology, Dadin-Kowa, Garkawa Pyache and Kurgwi have been earmarked for control.

Mineral Resources exploration, exploitation and exportation as another major source of revenue has also been given allocation in this budget. It is expected that the Plateau Mineral Development Company (PMDC) will be recapitalized to become fully functional, while the mineral museum will be completed for effective usage.


This sector is considered the engine room of government as it is responsible for harnessing and coordination of human and financial resources for the day-to-day running of the state and execution of the 5-Pillar Policy Trust of this Administration. Therefore, the sum of Fifteen Billion, Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Million, Nine Hundred and Forty Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty Four Naira (N15,625,940,184.00) only has been estimated in the budget. This represents 22.44 percent of the capital estimate.

For government to fully achieve its goal of good governance, the sector has to be fully developed and the civil service fully mobilized through the provision of conducive working environment.

Let me reiterate that peace is a necessary ingredient for government and people to exist. As such this government is fully committed to sustaining the existing peace in the state by properly funding the newly established Peace Building Agency to consolidate on its pioneering efforts and the peace being enjoyed today.

As a responsible government that is willing and ready to give the Plateau people the dividends of democracy through good governance, the state government has proposed the sum of Six Billion, Five Hundred Million Naira (N6,500,000,000.00) only for a free and fair Local Government Polls come February, 2018.

The judiciary will also be given a desired attention as the High Court Complex under construction will be completed during the year, while other courts in dilapidated conditions will be renovated for the effective dissemination of Justice in the state.

In view of the dwindling resources accruing to the state, the Plateau Internal Revenue Service will be more pro-active in taxes and other revenue collections for the purpose of improving the revenue-base on the state. I reiterate our drive and assertiveness to block leakages with a view to improve revenue. The Task-Force on revenue generation and collection recently constituted by the Government is expected to support the Board in collecting revenue and block all leakages. Revenue courts and Judges have been assigned and all defaulters will not be spared.

I wish to pledge this Government’s commitment in giving priority to workers welfare in terms of payment of salaries and allowances of civil servants and pensions of retirees. As resources improve in the state, we shall settle all arrears of gratuity and other benefits of our retired civil servants.


For effective information dissemination and management, the sum of One Billion, Three Hundred and Seventy-Nine Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand, Thirteen Naira (N1,379,928,013.00) only is estimated in the budget representing 1.98 percent. This amount is for the provision of facilities, equipment and renovation of offices at Plateau Radio Television Cooperation, Plateau Publishing Company, Plateau Printing Press and Library Board.

As we remain committed to the freedom of press, private radio and television houses as well as newspapers and magazines publishers will be provided the opportunity to express their views on the affairs of Government on a plain level ground. We expect they will always reciprocate such gestures through diligence and balanced reporting.


 Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, let me reiterate that a Budget is a statement of intent on spending and its success depends also on the understanding and cooperation of the Citizens who are the stakeholders and greatest beneficiaries. On the part of Government, we are resolved to implement the budget to the best of our ability as we have demonstrated in the past since assumption of duty. However, we note that expeditious considerations and passage of the budget will enhance early implementation and improved performance rating that we desire to achieve.

To ensure good budget performance, during considerations and preparations of the Budget, Government tried to resist unilateral increase in budgetary allocation to avoid over bloating; given the challenges on ground and as we are barely getting out of Recession. Since Governance is a continuity, and that only very minimal new projects will be undertaken, I wish to plead for understanding of the Honourable House Committees and House Members towards achieving a common goal. Besides, projects that cannot be completed can be rolled over to the next financial year. Above all, in this era of accountability, we recognize that actual budget performance vis-à-vis approved estimates tells on the integrity, performance and measure of good governance of any responsible administration. Together as we work in synergy we shall achieve our Vision and Mission.


 Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, this Administration remains committed to living up to the expectations of our people. We shall with a sense of purpose, dutifully pursue the greater good of our people, giving them the service that will enhance their socio-economic well-being and guarantee their place in the Plateau of their dream. We intend to consolidate all sectors of our economy so that good governance is felt by all who reposed confidence in our ability to rescue.

Despite the serious economic recession in the country, our people have demonstrated serious patriotism and understanding. Their sacrifices have left us more burdened in averting betrayal of trust, while ensuring efficient service delivery.

Mr. Speaker and Hon. Members, with your timely scrutiny and passage of the 2018 Budget, the confidence to consolidate on what we have started will be further strengthened. I have no doubt that having demonstrated good team work and competence in Legislative Duties in almost two years of the existence of the 8th Assembly, you will be more than willing to sacrifice time and synergize efforts on this assignment for the good of the people.

While thanking you for your time, I wish to extend my best wishes for meaningful Christmas Celebration and Prosperous New Year in advance.

It is now my Honour to seek the Permission of Mr. Speaker and the Honourable Members of the House to lay the 2018 “A BUDGET OF RESCUE AND CONSOLIDATION” for Consideration and Passage into Law.

Thank you and God bless Plateau State.



21st December, 2017.




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