Gov. Dankwambo Declares 24-Hour Curfew In Gombe Following Boko Haram Attack

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  • As Boko Haram warn Citizens not to participate during election

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Following this morning attack on Gombe Metropolis by the Boko Haram group, the Gombe State governor has placed a 24 hours curfew in Gombe metropolis. 
Meanwhile eyewitness, told that the insurgents during the attack told the panicking inhabitants not to panic as they are not after them, but that they are after the security personnel as well as the government.
“Don’t panic, we are not after you people, we are only after security personnel, and the government, the insurgents, told the people,” a source told this medium.
Another eyewitness told this medium also that the insurgents were sharing pamphlets to the people, a pamphlet which was written Islam Nigeria in its front, while the writings inside advised them not to participate in the forthcoming election.
According to the eyewitness, some police officers were said to have sustained injuries, though the Police spokesman, Gombe State Command is unreachable as the time of filling in this report.
Meanwhile it was gathered from a source that vehicles belonging to Police and civilians were snatched away from them by the insurgents.

The fighting which began in the morning extended into the noon as Military has launched air strikes on them as well as the Police who are also battling them. The Boko Haram who attacked Gombe today were in their hundreds.  

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