Gov Al-Makura Open The Can Of Worms Of NSHA Financial Dealings Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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The  Governor of Nasarawa state, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has affirmed that is ready to open the tinder box  on financial reckless committed by the state lawmakers, He also  assured his teeming supporters that he will publish all financial dealings  involving the  state legislators in the media.

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The Governor gave the hint when the people of Nasarawa state paid him sallah homage at the presidential lodge, “I would like the people of Nasarawa state to open and shine their eyes, You can see that about two days now the masterminds of the devilish act are the same people that pull this state backward some years ago.
’’The people that had contributed to the stagnation, decay, poverty stricken and the comatose of the whole system are the same group of persons that have written on the front pages of national dailies from a political party supporting the satanic art of the House of Assembly “,
 The Governor affirmed that he will appear before the probe panel constituted by the state chief Judge, He further described the position of the lawmakers as frivolous and irresponsible disparagements.
“The members will know what they have done, They would also know the fraud and scam they have committed, and The Governor ascribed the entire impeachment process as complete violation and illegality of the whole process”.
“I Umaru Tanko Al-Makura will avail myself before the committee and defend one by one all the allegations frame against my person,Im making a pledge and promise  to open the can of worms on this matter by publishing the whole issue on the pages of newspapers”, He further maintained.

The Governor said the people of Nasarawa state will avail themselves to all the fraudulent allegations written by the members.

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