Gov-Abubakar Should Stop His Political Rascality For The Sake Of Bauchian’s Future! …The Egg And The Chicken Which Comes First?

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When Whitemen were maltreating black men, it was understandable (based on reasons) and there was a name given to that. That was Racism! But today, in a third world, information age, we have a fellow Blackman maltreating millions of breathing Blackman. There’s no name or meaning for that! Anikulaputi was right, that is inhumane and classical injustice in line with Human Right violations. Democracy is misconceived.

The whole world agreed that education is the creation of power, and it is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Education is no doubt the bedrock of any meaningful development and indeed a success. But the Irony, deceits upon deceits Gov-Abubakar made the sector business as usual. I’ve seen little or no changes than worsening what was in place before now on Educational sector in Bauchi state. We were told that education was given a lion share last year and USAID invests about $58millions to improve quality of education in Bauchi state since March 2016, yet what’s on ground is not in any way promising. His actions and delay governance in the state confronted the hoi polloi with a cancer of injustice that has no immediate cure.

The recent probe against his predecessor left so many questions behind the scene to the last hour, which was lingered, unanswered. For the record, Gov-Abubakar accepted the outcome of the 2015 transition exercise despite the scandals and misuse of public funds by the recent administration with no query. It’s believed that, Gov-Abubakar was party to such scandals being part of those who carried out uncompleted inflated projects/contracts at that time as others claimed. May be that was the reason he buried the documents of the 2015 transition to feather his own nest and cover himself not to face the consequences of his past actions.

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“It is in record that the present administration failed to deliver it’s campaigns promises and in its attempt to score cheap popularity is looking for every opportunity to tarnish the image of the last administration which in their naive thinking, will cover their poor performance. The government, since its inception is grappling with one problem or the other, starting from nonpayment of Salaries and pensions, which led to the death of many civil servants and breaking of many families in the name of verification, the issue of contracts inflation to substandard companies to mention but a few” Yuguda Associates added. Complaints upon complaints, inheritance upon inheritance as if the masses elected a government of complaints and inheritance. Obviously, the APC government in my state has failed the Bauchi State citizens.

No one is hoping for your failure than you do! You’re aggressive and intimidating posture will not scare me, so long as you prefer illiterates and sycophants as your associates and political profiteers. While wishing Gov-Abubakar (globetrotter) safe trip from his globetrotting with public funds while on leave, we demand explanations on what takes you so long to rescue our unexplored treasury. Were you able to complete your contracts during the Yuguda led-administration? To what degree were you able to accomplish such projects? We need a comprehensive report on your related contracts with the recent administration to prove that you were not a subject to our undiscovered treasury. My greatest fear is that ‘za’a bawa kura ajiyar nama’ if our stolen treasury is been reversed.

Till then, we shall see the reason why Gov-Abubakar should not be reelected come 2019! Stay tuned…

Muhammad Salees Gamawa

Citizen of the state.

[email protected]

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