Gbong Gwom Jos Advocates For The Return Of Govt Teachers College, Charges NAPPS Not Turn Education Into Money Spinning Venture

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Yakubu Busari

The Gbong Gwom Jos , Da Jacob Gyang Buba has advocated for the return of Government  Teachers training   Colleges in Plateau by challenging proprietors of Private schools not see education as business venture but add to the development of the country.

Speaking during a courtesy call by the proprietors of private school in Plateau state chapter led by Chief Ezekiel Ayuba Saba, the traditional father expressed appreciation for involvement of private schools proprietors in area of education for the country,adding, he recognized that government along cannot handle education with the involvement of the private sectors it would ensure progress in the sector.

He welcomes the plateau state chapter to the palace and place unalloyed support of the traditional institution toward building conducive atmosphere for our children to acquire western knowledge to transform their well-being.

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According to him, prior to this level of advance society the missionaries established schools across the country to Carter for education of Nigerians.

He commended the missionaries for introduction of education especially the Baptist College which had trained so many leaders including him the Gbong Gwom Jos as a beneficiary of the system.

They have laid a solid foundation unfortunately government took over these schools and because a lot of injuries to the system and the government is making frantic afford to return them back to the missions, he added.

The Gbong Gwom Jos said,”whatever means churches, Mosques should not relent on the solid afford to partner to restructure education which has nothing to do religious”.

He appealed to the state should focus more on people oriented policy that can add value to the development of this country ,unfortunately the traditional father cry out about the extortion of money through by proprietors of private schools .

He maintained that education has added value to the growth of our society, we have to developed other children moral ,as applauded Mwangavul community establishing many schools urging other communities in plateau state to emulate such gesture.

Buba commended the indigents of Plateau state for their direct involvement in adding growth to the education of the state.

He disclosed that the challenges facing education is how develop government teachers college to contain with the system, it is not enough to have intelligence person as a teacher  but the act of teaching with good manner such doing impacting positively to the live of upcoming generation.

The Gbong Gwom Jos lamented that in those days, you would see a mature women going back to school to acquire knowledge and impact the knowledge which all of us benefited from that so as traditional custodian of the people I kept thinking that the return of government teachers colleges will remedy the plight and falling standard of education.

He frowns that sending students to college of education cannot remedy the deficiency in the system but we are looking at things holistically.

Nigeria ,we are crying of unemployment the product are not employable how can 30 to 40 students graduates with first class upper in the same university if the standard is very high few of them qualify, he noted .

Da Jacob condemned that some of these private schools you see students graduating with A’s yet nothing to translate in the society ,they now advertising on media is very sad ,that instance of adding value to the system we are destroying its.

In the past you hardly see people graduate with distinction but please it is true on wholesome that corruption is been perpetrated from so we need to check ourselves, are not helping the society at all .

The royal father stressed that , on the plateau all those who got A’s they cannot communicate fluently ,WAEC ,proprietors we have revalue ourselves so I appeal to you all partner with ministry of education to come out with minimum standard.

He raised alarm that most of the private schools located on the Plateau lack physical education training center and competition because academic are known with sporting activities so let help ministry of education to set up standard.

The Royal father cautioned that Plateau state in the past hold pride of place in Nigeria in sports and education but now completely relegated to the background.

“We need resolved to improve the moral teaching on our children because parents have abandoned their responsibility in collaboration with them to achieve the success”, he figures.

The President National Association of proprietors of private schools Plateau state chapter, chief Ezekiel Ayuba Sabo said they were in the palace to familiarize with the traditional father who is one of them.

He said, we want to bring to the notice of his majesty that there is need for synergy between NAPPs, ministry of education and traditional institution.

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