Gbong Gwom Jos Abolishes Eze Igbo Title In Jos

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Yakubu Buhari

The Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba has recently convened a stakeholders meeting with the Igbo community living in Jos.

The Royal father decried the acrimonious division and lack of unity amongst the Igbo in Jos during the meeting held at his palace.

He stressed that no meaningful progress can be achieved without unity which promotes peaceful coexistence on the Plateau.

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Buba admonished Igbo in Jos to strive towards genuine reconciliation amongst themselves so that they can forge a united front and nominate a(leader) who will represent them in deliberations in the palace .

He also commended Chief Samuel Achi for the cordial working relationship he held with him as Igbo representative or Onye Ndu Ndigbo in his palace before now. He however said the space reserved for Igbos in his palace will henceforth remain vacant until the peaceful resolution of the crisis amongst Igbos and the subsequent presentation of a single representative to him by the Igbos in Jos. He therefore suspended all dealings with Igbos in his palace until the final resolution of the crisis amongst Igbos.

In the same vein, the Gbong Gwom Jos warned prof. J. E. C Obilom who was present during the meeting to stop parading himself as Eze Igbo in JOS. He stated that since Eze means a traditional ruler, we cannot have two kings in the same domain and as such, he cannot accord recognition to the Eze Igbo title on the plateau.

He ended his speech by tasking Igbos in Jos to select a leader and present the person to him before any recognition will be accorded Igbos in Jos in his palace.

Finally, Barrister Innocent Asogwa and Barrister Uche Ngbemena both apologized to his Majesty for the existing disunity amongst Igbos in Jos and assured him that the Igbos will strive to make peace amongst themselves and bring the good tiding of peace to his Palace in the near future.

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