Garbajo:From A Civil Servant To A Politician, Now A Great  Philanthropist Of Our Time

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“A better name is more than silver and gold see you a Man who is honest, forthright and diligent. Certainly that Man shall stand, Sit, work with the high and Mighty”

The above quotation is the strengthened up life of a Young Nigeria who has much love for humanity and had rather chosen to work and help Mankind than anything else in the world.

The name Adamu Abubakar Garbajo does not need any much introduction to any person who has been a keen observer of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),a board he Spearheaded during the political days of Murtala Hammanyero Nyako as the Executive Governor of Adamawa state North East Nigeria.

Born into the famous Garbajo family in Mayo Belwa of Mayo Belwa Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Garbajo has made a name for himself not only as a coordinator of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were he touched every community in Adamawa state with effective Health care delivery and improved primary health care delivery in all the political wards.


It was during his time as MDGs Coordinator in 2008/2009 in all villages and towns of the state were provided with solar powered boreholes that produce about 20,000ltrs per day in over 161 locations representing the 21 LGAs of the state. In addition, he stocked the clinics with hospital equipments, including basic laboratory services, Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Bed Nets and artemether/ Lumefantrine medicines.

The MDGs Man as is popularly known and referred to, Garbajo has not only reconstruction or rehabilitated all the clinics in Adamawa state, he also provided a lot of job opportunities to people (Youths) in the area of entrepreneurship, job creation, awarded contracts to many individuals and conglomerates who in turn became independent making the state economy dependable.


Young Garbajo is known world over as business minded with the aim to support the cause of Humanity. One of his philosophy in life is that “One is powered to be empowered”, meaning that you cannot help others if you don’t have the means.

Abubakar has become the sort of by both local and international business partners in the area of cow fattening, Mechanized Farming, clearing agency, export and import of local goods. Indeed a hardworking Nigerian who does not have boundary when it comes to issues of business. An attitude that attracted the eyes of great business Tycoons to invite Garbajo for a summit in Kenya, 2015.

The 6th Global Entrepreneurship summit in Nairobi Kenya has ended up presenting Adamu and many others as one of the leading Young Africans who business wherewithal will take the continent to another level if they are well supported.


The philanthropically life of this Young Nigerian is typically be seen as a God endowed thing that beats the imagination of all and sundry. Apart from his career as a cooperative development agent later awarded a Decree by a University from Benin Republic cotonou) in International Relations (IR)  Garbajo has left his marks in the field of philanthropy haven created the Adamu Abubakar Garbajo Foundation  with principal aims to provide durable advantages through the implementation of development programmes to the less privileged ones. The Foundation is operating more as a philanthropic organization rather than simply as a charity, seeking to alleviate poverty in communities by providing basic amenities, education for children and young adults while also providing free medical care for indigent people.

The Foundation has currently given out financial succor to over 500,000 Women (Widows) and Youths to relieve suffering in his home state of Adamawa, Gombe,Yobe and Maiduguri which is historically one of Nigeria’s most impoverished states, compounded by the attacks of Boko Haram, the absence of a health service and Education.

Currently, the Foundation is partnering with others NGOs throughout the western world, and with the support and co-operation of other NGOs in Nigeria where it hopes to partner well in the support of less privileged and eradicate poverty.

The foundation put smiles on the faces of many Nigerians where he sponsored young Adamawa indigenes abroad to study in all field of their endeavors. Prominent among them are:


  1. Nura Usman Shehu who in 2015 graduated with First class Honors in Business Information Systems from the University of East London, Malaysia


  1. Isa Sa’idu Yusuf went to Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya India and came out with First class upper Honors in Business Information Systems (2015)


  1. Adamu Bashiru Yusuf graduated from Institute Teknologi Pertama in Malaysia came out with second class upper division.

Presently the foundation is sponsoring hundreds in tertiary institutions across the country and empowered Young Nigerians who are Technical oriented in nature. Also of recent able Garbajo is to coerce with other well-meaning Nigerians to ship in goods to support the plights of Internal Displaced persons (IDPs) ravaged by Boko Haram.


For the sake of time, and because of Garbajo’s political incursions and works are issues that are in the public domain, which can easily be scooped even from the internet, suffice it say that this piece is to say little about his political life, who at the initial was never into partisan politics but because of his nature, a lover of humanity, destiny and fate looped him into the games of politics and was actively involved in galvanizing the Youths Wing of All Progressives Congress (APC) of Adamawa and Taraba states that was later brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

Being the kind of person he is, silence in nature but with much practical actions. In silence he will support the coming into of Adamawa state present Governor ,Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, worked well to the winning of Speaker, Adamawa state House of Assembly, Rt (Hon) Kabiru Mijinyawa.

His political feathers began to grow harder when his name was mischief out and taken to EFCC and ICPC for an indictment because of his strong allegiance to former Governor Nyako of Adamawa state and who was illegally impeached in 2014.As some we prefer to say that “the step of a good Man are order by God”, he went to both EFCC and ICPC and they found him guiltiness, blameless and with correct up to date records of all his doings in MDGs. What a good Man!

His political name pranked up into great lime light when President Muhammadu Buhari wrote a letter of special appreciation to him, thanking him of all the good will support. And in 2015 he became the only Youth in the whole of Adamawa and Taraba states to have been given special invitation by former President of Nigeria Dr. Good luck Ebele Jonathan to witness the swearing-in ceremony of Buhari.


Because of this man, there is both cause for hope and certainty that the agony and protests of those who suffer injustice shall give way to peace and human dignity. The children of the world shall know the great work of this extraordinary leader and his fervent mission to right wrong, to do justice, and to serve mankind. The enemies which imperil the future of generations to come: poverty, ignorance, disease, hunger, and racism have each seen effects of the valiant work of ADAMU ABUBAKAR GARBAJO. Through him and others like him, never again will freedom rest in the domain of the few. The entire members of the ADAMAWA YOUTH CONGRESS salute him this day as a hero in the global pursuit to preserve the history and the legacy of the Nigerian Youths. We cannot stand it than to recognize him as a special epitome of Youths empowerment for an award of his great exploits of support to people.

Other Awards he received are:

  1. Football Coaches Forum; A merit award to the development of football and Youths empowerment.


  1. Rebranding Nigeria initiative; award him a certificate of Youths empowerment


  1. Kenya entrepreneurs summit; Award of business excellent in African countries.


  1. Association of former Councillors in Adamawa; Youth empowerment award


  1. Modibbo Adama University Yola (MAUTECH); Merit award of excellent.


A Man of no sentiments of whatever types, humble, easy going and down to earth. Hear his prayers.

“Lord help me to serve humanity of all races, to leave a legacy after I breath out my last air, that will see to the needs of mankind, to fight injustice for the sake of the downtrodden and while I live let me copy the exemplary life of the likes of President Muhammadu Buhari,Murtala Hamanyero Nyako and Rochas Okoarocha who can do anything to see that people and our society are better”.

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