Fulani Women’s Leader Call For Nomadic Education To End Poverty , Illiteracy

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Yakubu Busari

The National Women Leader of Jonde Jam,a Fulani Cultural Association of Nigeria,Hajiya Aminatu Sai’du Naseh has lamented the rising cases of insecurity, banditry linking herders in the country by attributing the problems to illiteracy, poverty been fuel in the by tribal, religious leaders.


Speaking in an interview with some session of Journalists at Sharna Hotel in Jos North Local Government Council of Plateau state on Saturday, Mrs. Naseh condemned its totality by calling on the appropriate authority to fish out the bad eggs in society.


She cautioned Fulani herders to turn away from committing crimes, kidnapping, attacking businesses by engaging themselves in meaningful entrepreneurship towards providing a genius living.


Hajiya called on all the leadership of the Fulani association to assemble themselves into a community where the government can identify them and provide them with social amenities that they can enjoy together because the present increase in childbirth and population growth has continued to pose a serious threat to their existence.



She drummed support for RUGA policy of cattle grazing which, according to her is the only panacea to resolve lingering clashes between farmers /herders in the country, our milk is more precious than the oil boom because up to today milk from 10liter Jerry Can cost N250 while motor spirit fuel from petroleum is still 145 per a liter.



Hajiya Naseh stressed that population explosion is what is responsible for the increase in the threat which led to banditry, kidnapping including other social verses so she urges the herders to stop polygamous practices of their forefathers which created poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness amongst their existing world over.


She frowned at the rate of the uncontrolled army of youths in Nigeria and are yearning for basic amenities to encourage them to compete favorably with others across the diverse, so she appealed that Fulani should go back to acquire western education by eschewing violence and stand against poverty.



Haj advocated that the Fulani should stop roaming about in the bushes is no more attractive in our 21 century they would be vulnerable to the threat of insecurity by groupings themselves or settle down at a particular place for government consider them with the provision of basic amenities.


She explained that my hearts bleed seeing a few with one cow and many family responsibilities of 20 children to carter for their daily needs and one of the major problems of the Fulani is abject poverty with a poor healthy lifestyle.


The women and children are more vulnerable victims of political onslaught during any attacks and pregnant women can’t access medical care and they remain helpless as parents.


She advised Fulani women to always see education as important, so we should employ politics at all levels to penetrate the rural or bush Fulani to focus on nomadic by tasking their other women to advise their youths on the need to promote unity and oneness.



Meanwhile, Hajiya Mariam Yerima Jajere a woman leader from Yobe state expressed displeasure with the way and manner Fulani are linked to all the criminal elements that committed a crime but they say Fulani are responsible for an act.


She charged security personnel to always investigate and arrest the culprit’s instance blacklisting herders, all the tribes in the country are involved in this act of killings, banditry and unholy behavior.


Mrs. Yerima said parents should assist the government in fishing out bad boys who are fomenting trouble and causing them sleepless nights.


She added women should be the vanguard of transformation and educating their worth to stay away from criminals and capable of wreaking havoc on the development of our nation.


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