Fulani Leaders Caution Their Youth Not Participate In The Nationwide Protest

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Yakubu Busari

The National Youth President of Jon Jam, a group under the aegis Fulani association of West Africa, Alh Saidu Maikano Adamu has called on their members across Nigeria to withdraw their participation in the “#Endsars “, protest nationwide.


Speaking to our medium in an exclusive interview on the protest that led to the loss of lives and properties of Nigerian, Alh Adamu warned their youth to dissociate themselves in participating completely from the selfish agenda.


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According to him, they are peaceful people and known for what is promoting the peaceful coexistence of the nation, not something that can tear the unity of our country apart.


The leader lamented that the protest which turns bloody is a plot to plunge this country into fresh conflict but we solicit for the cooperation of the youth distance themselves from the drama.


He emphasized the need for citizens consider that the covid-19 pandemic which affected the world is still killing so we should not add another problem to our home front.



Adamu challenged the faceless leaders of the protesters to come out and identify their priority of need rather than dragging innocent youth into the protest.



He appealed to all Nigerians to respect each other tribes and religion for the unity and progress of our country.

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