Fulanis are not Nigeria’s problem, blame political leaders, Sale Bayari

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Yakubu Busari

The leadership of Fulanis in Nigeria have raise alarm that their members are maltreated, blackmailed when community are under attack by unknown gunmen but federal government has refused to tackle some of the problem linking them with the killings.

The  secretary general of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria  (GAFDA)  ,Hon. Sale Bayari expressed dismay that 20 years ago these allegations of suspicion was not there, Fulani enjoy peaceful coexistence with their host communities.

According to him, the return of democracy in 1999 brought them into another phase of human culture of impunity as leader of the Fulani, this is the biggest risk one go through, this is a man who don’t know about his existence and that of another person because all they know to rear their animals in the bush and does everything there.

A Fulani by nature don’t   border himself or herself with the affairs of government or  how funds are distributed ,they are not beneficiary of government roads, electricity and social amenities, they are not their main  problem but community see them as the cause of  their poverty ,then their belonging would be taken by force due to   economic problem in the bush .

He lamented that nobody has been given them arms and ammunition to go and cause mayhem or protect them yet some group go after them and attack their members.

Bayari blamed government for stealing public funds and establishing kingdom of crime and criminality in Nigeria turning Fulani herdsmen as main target to the host communities.

Addressing Journalists on the recent killing of Fulani herdsmen by security personnel in Kaduno , Mangu , Bayari said those that are responsible in handling the affairs of government at state and federal level looted all the   treasury creating window for mutual suspicion among the citizens with Fulani herdsmen .

He said the newly formed association is working arduously to tackle challenges of cattle rustling by calling people to order by building confidence in them.

“We have introduced association to address some of the problem of the Fulani, we are not terrorists and nobody should link us with the insurgent”, he noted.

Bayari added that the previous government were not telling Nigerians the truth, the political class were painting different picture while many Nigerian are suffering.

“I don’t envy President Muhammadu Buhari government, because of the level of poverty in the land citizens are forced to scavenge and some cannot afford to eat food due to bad leadership”.

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