Fresh Political Brawl In Eggon Land, As Stakeholders Compel Laraban Maku, To Step Down For Ewuga, Others By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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Ahead of the formal declaration of Senator Solomon Ewuga to vie for Nasarawa governorship scheduled for the 25th/10/2014 in Lafia, Eggon nation is heading towards doomsday, The reason for the internal debacle that may divide Eggon nation was the decision of the patrons to unanimously endorse the candidature of Barrister Solomon Ewuga as an anointed contender for governorship seat come 2015.
The spokesperson of Eggon ,Honorable Dogara Angbo,who is the ad-hoc committee chairman for the actualization of Eggon  governorship come 2015 said Eggon nation garner their unflinching support to a popular candidate in the person of Senator Solomon Ewuga.
Angbo speaking at a world press conference held at the press centre in Lafia said  the Eggons are battle ready to walk against the governorship ambition of Honorable Minister of Information,Labaran Maku,He further added that, Eggon elders are ready for any confrontation with any of their son who attempt to join issues with them.
“The wish of the Eggon people to produce a governor in Nasarawa state has been a difficult issue since the creation of the state, This has arisen from internal disunity and lack of compromise hereby creating a scenario where we have failed to appreciate the fact that the governance of the state goes beyond personal interest”.
He in addition said four Eggon sons has indicated their interest to run for the governorship of Nasarawa state, He listed some of the aspirants to include
1.Labaran Maku PDP
2.Sen.Solomon Ewuga PDP
3.Mr Mathew Ombugaku APGA
4.Dr.James Angbazo APC
The ad-hoc committee chairman on the selection of Eggon governorship candidate averred that the reconciliation set up to mediate amongst Eggon governorship contenders has resolved that.
APGA candidate being the party’s consensus governorship candidate, Mathew Ombugaku is advised to pursue his ambition.
The elders further resolved that PDP also recommends Sen. Ewuga to pursue his ambition, The committee also calls on the Eggon people in APGA and PDP to support the aspiration of Mathew Ombugaku in APGA and Sen. Ewuga in PDP in their quest to participate and hopefully win their party primaries.
Also while contributing, The Director of Solomon Ewuga Youths Solidarity Forum,Mr.Jilemsam Samuila said Solomon Ewuga is the only candidate that will redirect Nasarawa state on a more humane, just and peaceful course under the leadership  of the state.
Sumaila described Ewuga as a remarkable candidate on a solid platform which will expand, unify, direct and inspire the people to fulfill this great mission whom he described as eloquent, forthright and indefatigable senator.
“Together we shall make him the governor of Nasarawa state comes 2015 to better the lots of our people, The course of human survival and the pursuit of happiness as well as the restoration of peace in our dear state upon which all human endeavors depend”.
Sumaila further ascribed Solomon Ewuga as a consummate and highly experienced political leader with a deep commitment and unrivalled passion for grass root development, He buttressed that Ewuga is the only sole aspirant that will unchain the people of Nasarawa state from the shackles of poverty, deprivation, lack and want.
“Ewuga  resonates clear authority ,clarity, restore confidence ,assuage and ameliorate the plights of the people as well break the manacles of segregation, By 2015 we will drive home our point and bring in a new government that will guarantee equal rights to  all citizens “.
Ewuga will restore peace to our communities, bring back harmonious co-existence among our people, Treat civil servants with dignity, give education topmost priority, better healthcare, welfarism amongst others,The in-house cacophony may be a leverage for the incumbent governor to continue in office.
The Eggons apart from the internal wrangling’s, The PDP may not be in support of the candidature of Solomon Ewuga, Further investigation gathered at the state secretariat of the party was that the entire party structure are subservient to the overthrew governor,Aliyu Akwe Doma, And for the PDP to compensate him the party may allow him  to complete his four years term of office before power shift to Nasarawa North,A senatorial zone where Labaran Maku and Solomon Ewuga held from.
The possibility of an Eggon producing the next governor come 2015 lies on the diverse ethnic group in the state as no tribe in the state has the monopoly of vote,The people of Nasarawa South senatorial  district, A zone comprises of  five Local Governments decide who became the governor of the state, According to 2006 National Population Figure revealed that the  zone has a population of 811,020,00,Nasarawa North has the population of 335,453,00 and Nasarawa West has a population 716,802,00 .
1. Awe Local Government has a population of 112,574,00
2. Akwanga Local Government has a population of 113,430,00
3. Doma Local Government has a population of 139,607,00
4. Lafia Local Government has a population 330,712,00
5. Karu,The gateway to the federal capital  has a population of 205,477,00
6.Kokona has a population of 109,749,00
7.Keffi has a population of 92,664,00
8.Nasarawa Local  Government has a population of 189,835,00
9.Nasarawa Eggon  has a population of 149,129,00.
10.Obi Local Government has a population of 148, 874, 00
11.Toto Local Government has a population of 119,077,00
12. Wamba has the least population of 72,874,00
13.Keana Local Government has a population of 79,253,00
Bringing the population of Nasarawa state to 1.863.275.00.
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  of Nasarawa state stand at £3.02 billion in year 2007  while it per capital income stand at &1.588,The revelation of Hon.Dogara Angbo stating that the lingering crisis that polarized Nasarawa politics was political not ethnic is a mere fallacy and diversion from the real issue at stake, Without any fear or contradiction Ombatse was introduce with ill-motive to wipe the state of it population.
It could be recalled that no fewer than 1,224,206 people registered as eligible voters in Nasarawa state,only time shall tell who wins the home of solid mineral governorship election .

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