Fresh Crisis Looms  In Wase LGA As Tarok Youth Accuses Dr Ado Abubakar  Of Fanning Embers Of War

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Yakubu Busari

The Tarok Concerned Youth in Wase Local Government Council of Plateau State has accused the Executive Chairman of Wase, Hon. Dr. Ado Abubakar of inciting fresh crises by plotting to encroach into the Kadarko district land demarcation by supporting the Aku of Mavo to bring about communal clashes.


The Spokesman of the Tarok Youth Mr. Domnan Ishaya stated that Dr. Ado Abubakar should be held responsible if any crisis springs up in Wase.


He disclosed that at a security meeting held in Wase on Wednesday, 27/04/2021, the Chairman humiliated Ponzhi Kadarko forcing him to forfeit some villages under Tarok Chiefdom to Jukun Chiefdom.


However, the Tarok vowed to resist any attempt to forcefully convert their ancestral farmlands to the Jukun of Mavo under the disguise of leadership conspiracy against their people.


He pointed out, over Tarok ancestral villages, had already been converted in Bashar,Lamba, Wakkat districts of Wase LGA but not the following villages under contention, Jawodo, Gimbi Pitnau, Tonga, Nyingling, Bakin Rijiya, Tsamiya Mavo, Gamzhi, Bwarat mening, Duwi, Pako, and many others.


The Chairman who is a chief security officer of the council is alleged to be promoting the parochial interest of his group to push for support to one side of  Aku Jukun.


Ishaya explained further that,  this is an attempt to ignite hatred between the two Kwararafa brothers Jukun vs Tarok which will cause a crisis if an urgent step is not taken.


He said Dr Ado compelling Ponzhi to agree with their proposal to deny Tarok of their villages can further degenerate into conflicts where the youths resist vehemently that  Ponzhi in Wase  LGA won’t let any Of his villages go to Jukun.

It would be recalled that it was in Mavo in  2002 crisis that over 100  Tarok natives were brutally killed and butchered and same in 2013 many Tarok people were killed right in Mavo market for in support security personnel with no arrest.


Ishaya said the Tarok people are the most peaceful and that they are calling on govt to intervene to rescue the situation before it escalated into a full-blown communal crisis in Wase.

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