Fraud Exposed: In Spite Of Awarding N75 Million Contract For Supply of 3 Fire Fighting Vehicles, Bauchi State Fire Service Only Boast Of Scraps (Photos)

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The Bauchi State Fire Service has continued to be a shadow of itself in spite of a contract award for the purchase of 3 units of Mercedes Benz 1017 by the Bauchi State Government for the service.

In an exposition made by the  Bauchi Coalition Against Financial Crimes and Injustice, (BACAFCI) the Bauchi Government awarded a contract according to SHUGABA AUTO ( NIG ) LTD, to supply 3 units of Mercedes Benz 1017 to the Government of Bauchi State, at the total cost of ( N 75 million ).

BACAFI report also showed that each unit cost taxpayers (N 25 million ), but shockingly a peep into the premises of Bauchi Fire Service to ascertain the true situation on the ground, BACAFI reports states thus; “We confirmed that no new firefighting vehicle was supplied.”

It is not known if probably the vehicles are still on the way, and more than one year after the contract was awarded.

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BACAFI said; “If the new firefighting vehicles were supplied, where were they taken to? It’s paramount to inform the taxpayers of their location. BACAFCI is not even questioning the rate at which the vehicles were purchased.”

“But where are they? In the office premises of the fire service, you can only see scraps. We were informed that the only functional firefighting vehicle in Bauchi is the one in Abubakr Tatari Ali Polytechnic, and it was given to them by TETFUND.”

“If these vehicles cannot be located, it means (N75 million) is intentionally diverted, BACAFI alleges.”

This medium learned that to confirm that there are no firefighting vehicle within the service, a petrol Station just close to the Fire Service got burnt yesterday, a situation that would have been tackled if they State fire service was function very well.

See The non-Serviceable Fire Fighting Vehicles Below: 

Governor Abubakar ‘s approval memo for the purchase of the 3 units Fire Fighting Vehicles

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