Former Member Advises Citizens To Avoid Over Hitting the Polity

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Yakubu Busari

The former Member Representing Mangu in the state house of assembly, an All Progressive Congress, APC, chieftain, Hon Benshak Dalop has advised  citizens to avoid over hitting of politics and the allow government to focus more on service to people.

He condemned situation were some groups are peddling rumours over President Muhammadu Buhari that he is dead.

Dalop gave this advice while speaking to journalists on the health of president muhammadu Buhari which had gone viral on the pages of newspapers and social media.

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He said, first of all as a citizen of this country and diligent Nigerian, anyone wishing his president dead is wishing that country dead and in the first Mr. President is a human being, Mr President can be sick but to my surprise Mr.  President left with his two feet,  had an interview at the airport before he traveled on his own.

He told Nigerian that he was going on vacation and there he may go and have his medical checkup.

He has people speaking for him his media men and they are speaking for him, his minister of information is speaking for him truly Nigerian should know that is Mr. President talking.

He added that for anybody that knows what he or she is doing should concentrate on his business, Mr President illness is his personal issue, he can go to hospital for any personal thing, he may have a doctor who are used to him, he may not have them here in Nigeria and so he continues to reach out to them.

Hon Dalop stressed that the issue of salaries, if you ask an average person they will say they never see government like this, every government has a leader and Barr Simon Bako lalong is a leader of plateau state now as the governor.


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