Flood Washed Away 8 Bridges In Kanam, Plateau, Hon Deputy Speaker Cries Out

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Yakubu Busari

About Eight communities in Dengi constituency of Kanam Local Government Council have been ravage by heavy Flooding which has washed away bridges linking them to the state.

The Member representing Dengi constituency, the Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon Saleh Shehu Yipmong home town was affected as well as the only bridge connecting Wase LGA, the flood also washed away farmlands as crops such as Rice, Maize, Groundnut and Sugarcane were destroyed.

Also the only bridge constructed by former governor Jang government linking Lamba district of Wase Local Government Area through Kanam LGA in Yipmong has almost been washed away by the heavy flooding.

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It was gathered that flood disaster which occurred as a result of overflow of the river bank also sacked the neighboring communities which include, Busari, Tabo ,Guruntung to Jarmai cutting some roads.

The Plateau State Deputy Speaker, Hon Saleh Shehu Yipmong who visited the site expressed shock over the level of damage that has done to the people and preventing them from going to farm.

The Deputy Speaker, Hon Saleh Shehu confirmed that the flood wreaked havoc to the people and he is calling on government to come to the aid of the people so as to alleviate or cushion their suffering.

According to him, the bridges affected include, Bagyar bridge, Kyamsangi bridge, Jarmai,Gwamlar among others as well as people houses ,crops that we were also destroyed.

In his Eid Mubarak message to the Muslims, the Deputy Speaker preached peace, unity and  harmony love without any religion, ethnic and sentimentalism differences in the country.

Yipmong , (Barka da sallah),” I remember growing up in Dengi, Sallah was a great moment for us all. It wasn’t very flamboyant and fully of pride of the contemporary generation – full of genuine love, moderation, piety, grace and worship, Tela Yari, Gambo Leko, and others made our normal kaftan for karamin and babban sallah, Easter, Christmas and New Year celebrations, Dengi was a miniature cosmopolitan society”.

He explained that Dengi the headquarters of Kanam has always been on our minds way back in 1983 whe. We started school in GSS Langtang. Dengi and the multireligious celebrations were on our minds when we finished secondary school educationIn 1991.

Shehu stresses that when they were in SPS Keffi, Dengi and it’s cosmopolitanism was the love of our lives in ABU Zaria, ATBU Bauchi the desire of the life in Dengi always occupied our minds.

Some of them reminded that, in faraway Biafraland of Agbani in the Nig. Law School, we speak to all our friends and colleagues of the fantastic Muslim and Christian celebrations in Dengi. As further faraway land of the Efiks in Calabar, the echoes of the reminiscences of my great people in Dengi was heard and announced to the Ekaetes and the Obongs. While the heroic acts of my people still echoes in my chest, we have all left the paths of our fathers and are treading separately in different directions in complete disregard to love, piety, worship, grace, respect and wisdom. I still remember times with you with the fondest memory. Barka da sallah.


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