For Fear Of An Alleged Attack On Governor Abubakar Armed Security Men Cordon Bauchi Metropolis, As The Governor Returns

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Logpobiri Anaiya

Stance armed security men today took over the streets of Bauchi metropolis to avert an alleged possible assault on governor Abubakar as he returned from his oversea trip. learnt from a source within the ruling party in the state, that the stationed armed security men is to prevent any crisis, especially since the last protest carried out by the workers that shook the state over their salaries, that massive protest shows the government of the day may have  lost touch with the people.

It would be recalled that Abubakar had come under serious attack in the state, a situation that has almost cost him, his political support from the people in almost the parts of the State, a situation which the recent protest by workers from all parts of the State is an attestation to the fact that all is not well between the governor and people of the State.

It was gathered that APC as a party had mobilized their supporters to rally round the governor from airport to Government House all in a bid to justify that Gov. Abubakar still have supporters with multiple sirens blaring, but this medium learnt that those crowds and supporters were all rented.

“I can tell you that all those Okada riders, other persons who were dancing around were all paid crowd all in a bid to make it look like the governor is on the ground,” a party member who pleaded anonymity said.

It was learnt many people did not take the governor serious because the action is to divert civil servants attention from demanding for their salaries.

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  1. Saminu M Sani says

    It is very difficult to twist a sick while dried. He is what he is and never change. Bauchi state now is not after starting any project for benefit of the state, since it cannot cater for even the state civil servants. The situation is very critical that the head is scare to get in to the metropolis without having it cordoned by armed forces. This is an emperical evidence that the gov’t is not doing well for the state. We don’t have to say ourselves but the reality will tell.
    He is like such a people that live the entire life as strangers to themselves. He doesn’t believe in himself talkless of his carbinet and neither the state civil servants. There is No trust in him at-all that’ s why he claims the so called verification as a wall to lean against.
    But let him know that there is a day of regret and retarliation when he comes to canvass for the second duration.

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