Exposed: How Governor Lalong Is Plotting To Use His Chief Of Staff Office To Recall Hon. Godfrey Lamdit, Plateau Assembly Member For Langtang North

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Yakubu Busari

The Leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Plateau state has expressed pains and disappointment with the news of another illegality plot by Governor Simon Lalong and his attempt to recall the member representing Langtang North North Constituency, in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon Godfrey Lamdit.

Chairman of the party, Hon Damishi Sango made this disclosure in a press statement signed by John Akans the state PRO in Jos.

Sango said the party is aware that the Chief of Staff Governor’s office has been selected as the undertaker of this wicked plan to deny the good people of Langtang North-North of quality representation in the state legislature.

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He condemned the dastardly plan entails the spending of millions of naira – funds that could have been committed to improving the living standard of Plateau, but now to be committed to private pockets and political brigandage.

According him, it is amazing to say the least that rather than expend the Paris Club Refunds recently released to his government for critical infrastructural transformation, Governor Lalong’s immediate priority is to undertake a reckless recall of a Legislator. The governor appears to be so bereft of ideas and drained of capacity to perform that all he is interested in is to reduce our precious Plateau to his political laboratory and a museum of antiquated ideas.

The Chairman pointed out that this reckless misadventure is coming on the heels of his perpetration of illegal, strange and unconstitutional contraptions in the Local Governments in the name of caretaker committees.

Sango stressed; “With this upcoming political comic in the name of recall, even the staunchest of Lalong’s supporters will cringe at the legal and political stumbling of a man, once the head of the state’s legislator, a lawyer, whose perchance now is to trample legality with illegality, supplant decency with the indecent and muddy the waters of justice with injustice”.

While his colleagues in other states are busy clearing their salaries, gratuity and pension, Governor Lalong is busy legitimizing the clearly illegitimate; while other governors are busy signing anti-open grazing bills, Governor Lalong is busy committing state resources to non-issues.

It is not laughable, dear Plateau people, which a whole governor will sponsor the recall of a member simply on the allegation that the member did not share the meat of a Christmas cow given to him by the governor?

The APC administration has infamously moved from being ‘one chance government’ to ‘one cow government’. But to the discerning, this latest desperate move is simply to divert the people’s attention from a very woeful scorecard. This cannot be his alternative to failure to deliver the promised change and rescue in four years.

PDP reminds security agencies and the general public that there are laid down procedures for  recall, impeachment or removal of any elected officer as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

Therefore PDP rejects, and will strongly oppose any act of illegality by this APC-led government which falls far short of Constitutional requirements but promotes despotism and underdevelopment.

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