EXCLUSIVE: Why Buhari Should Extend His Probe To FCT, Not Limited To NNPC By Tukur Mamu

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Transparency, sincerity and honesty are identified as watch words of the incoming APC administration while executive stealing, corruption and insincerity led to the defeat of the outgoing PDP administration under clueless President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
It is most appropriate and in the interest of probity and justice at this critical period for the APC administration to thoroughly probe not only the missing NNPC $20 billion but also the outgoing FCT administration presided over by a renowned sycophant and highly corrupt person who bastardized FCDA in collaboration with his itchy-fingered Director of Treasury, Ibrahim Bomoi, whose record of financial malfeasance is beyond imagination.
Speaking to our correspondent via telephone in Dubai were currently he is sojourning for his safety after several threats to his life, Malam Tukur Mamu, publisher of DESERT HERALD newspaper, opined that for the six years Bala held sway as FCT Minister, corruption, extorting money from land applicants and stealing were his working tools while transparency and probity were thrown to the dogs.
“To perfect his corrupt practices, he replaced Isa Jalo as Director of AGIS with a lesser qualified woman who failed to even manage his image laundering assignment. The woman was purposely placed there for a specific dubious plan which she is accomplishing with dexterity and pride while pretending to be upright.
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Contracts were awarded in the FCT without tender to Lebanese fronts while Bomoi handles the supply aspect of the malfeasance through proxy. Most plots of land in the city’s Central Business District were commandeered and sold to the highest bidders through fronts”, he said.
Mamu added that the APC administration should equally investigate the involvement of certain officials of EFCC who claimed to have investigated several cases of corrupt enrichment against FCDA officials including the minister and the director treasury but only to ‘award’ them clean bills of health for business as usual.
“Part of the many scandals of the current FCT administration under the exclusive monopoly of the minister, his director of treasury and the director lands which was highlighted extensively in our book on FCTA under Bala is the case of purchase of vehicles/gadgets donated to the FCT Police Command and why it must be investigated. Also, the sale of parcel of land allocated to former AfriBank located at Central Business Area that was revoked but sold through the black market at N1billion.
“The case of displacing natives at Mpape to allocate same land to Dame Patience Jonathan is still fresh in the minds of the people while several other cases abound that need thorough probe. All these have been carefully documented in our book and we will ensure that the new EFCC leadership that will come on board under Gen. Buhari after the exit of President Goodluck Jonathan investigates and prosecutes the perpetrators whose family and reckless children intimidate poor Nigerians with their parent’s loot.
“Just go and see the type of flashy cars worth millions of naira Bomoi’s brothers and two wives are using. Even his little sister (it’s not good for me to mention her name on the pages of newspaper because she is my sister too) that is yet to get married is busy roaming Abuja streets with a car valued at over N10 million. Where did Bomoi get the money from? I know their family very well and I know he did not inherit a penny from his late gentleman father, may his soul rest in peace. In my case with them and considering their phantom allegations against me, it is a clear case of a pot calling the kettle black.
And in my opinion even though crime is a crime it is much better to blackmail and extort from people that stole billions of naira meant for the development of millions of Nigerians including the share of the alleged extorter, and as a result of such wanton looting our public institutions like the health system have collapsed and in decaying structures which leads to preventable deaths of many innocent souls that supposed to enjoy such first class medical facilities if provided and cannot afford foreign hospital bills unlike the likes of Balas and Bomois of this world that do everything abroad. Unlike those that extort or blackmail which is also unfortunate, the type of stealing from the public treasury in the FCTA under Bala is worse and so scientific and ‘crafty’ and so enormous sum that they and their troubled families cannot be able to spend such billions for the rest of their lives leaving those entitled to the same resources in abject poverty, disease and squalor. So even if I indeed happens to be an extortionist or blackmailer which I have never been (because so many cases in the court have exonerated me and my paper in the last ten years), I believe I’m lesser evil than those that destroy the lives of millions or even kill because of their selfish greed and ambition to acquire everything from the treasury that suppose to go for the development of the masses and the nation at large. Their problem with DESERT HERALD is because of our bold approach to reporting issues of public interest which i uphold never to compromise even if the paper will vanish today. It is the same Bala Muhammad when he newly assumed office as the minister of the FCT which is well documented in audio and video that shower all kinds of praises and commendation on myself and DESERT HERALD, and specifically mentioning me as among the few practising journalists he so much respected and cherished. But no matter what good Bala said about me or DESERT HERALD in the past responsible media organisation and as journalists we cannot be blinded when power has intoxicated Bala Muhammad and is failing in his assigned responsibilities to the nation through ineptitude and massive corruption. Just go through the satellite towns of Abuja you will know that he has not provided them with anything that is basic to human existence. You will see the libel of suffering and then you will know that Bala is the worse FCT minister ever and that allowing him and his corrupt team like Bomoi to just go free amount to committing treason against the people and the territory. It’s only in Nigeria that a person that supposed to end in prison is using same proceeds of his loot lobbying to become the next Accountant General of the Federation. No, we will never allow Bomoi to have his way. Not in General Buhari’s government. They are highly irresponsible and insensitive people.
“That is what the likes of Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi are. Our book will expose the real persons in them including their immoral life of drug addiction or appointing women or persons into sensitive positions as a tool for bodily bargain. I pray we will never have such so called leaders in Nigeria again. They took me for granted; they didn’t know that they have challenged me to work harder and research more about them since they arrested and incarcerated me for 16 straight days without any justifiable reason. After May 29, a time of reckoning for them and their families would surface,” Mamu revealed.
Mamu further affirmed that the “FCT Land Swap project is a fraud just as over 90 hectres of land was hurriedly allocated to President Jonathan with Bala cornering 40 hectres while claiming that N861million is expended on Abuja traffic lightening system. The actions of Bala show that he intends to re-sale the corned 40 hectres in the black market, thereby shortchanging over 1 million genuine land applicants who resisted extortion before approval”.
He further added that the demolishing of over 300 completed buildings at Minanuel Estate and the case of Malaysian garden scandal should be further investigated, “According to the former Malaysian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Kamal who exposed the dubious demands of Bala, the minister had wanted to shortchange the developers who rejected his demand for probity and President Jonathan never acted to support the project to fruition but allowed the matter to die portraying himself as an accomplice”, he said.
Mamu appealed to General Buhari to institute a thorough probe of the FCDA and if possible to revoke all contracts awarded and land approvals given by the outgoing minister for the six years he presided to cleanse the place and so as to regain public trust. Mamu also said that he supported the suggestion by some concerned Nigerians that considering how sensitive the FCT and its development is to Nigeria and Africa, the president-elect should consider appointing the outgoing Governor of Kano State, Engr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who has been at the Federal Executive Council before as the minister of defence, to be the next FCT Minister. Mamu said doing that considering Kwankwaso’s excellent record of probity, accountability and development in Kano will restore the lost glory of the FCT which he said was shattered by Bala Muhammad and his highly corrupt directors and his chief of staff.
He commended the acting editor of DH SMS Alert, Mr. Sonde Abbah, for “responding excellently to the sponsored article against me when they couldn’t get me before going to press. With what Sonde did there is no point for me any longer to respond further because he has said it all such that even I cannot say it better. In DESERT HERALD every staff we employ is equal to the task”.
When asked when he will actually return to Nigeria, Mamu said his life is under serious threat and that until he is convinced he is safe he will not come back now.

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