Exclusive: Dr.Silas Gyar, The Facade Of A Corrupt Ex-Rector, His Many Fraudulent Acts and Sins, How He Changed His Name To Dogagbo Runkpa To Conceal His Scandal

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Rabiu Omaku

silas gyar

The unfolding from the Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia if it is anything to go by, then the erstwhile Rector, Dr. Silas Gyar is digging a grave for himself reason being that he swiftly changed his name from Dr.Silas Gyar to Dogagbo Runkpa.

The change of name has continued to generate heat in the institution as sources unveiled that the intention was to cover his alleged past crimes.

Other sources are of the opinion that the change of name was intended to secure a job under the present government.

While other sources outside the institution are of the view that Dr.Silas Gyar now Dogagbo Runkpa changed his name so as to restore his dented image following the revelation by the investigative Panel while submitting its report by the chairman, Fati Sabo to the Chief executive, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

Sources from the Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia told universalreportersn.com that those that the former management of the institution found wanting include the embattled Rector, Dr. Silas Gyar, the Registrar, Joseph Labani Dio and the Bursar, Abdullahi Akyo.

The Panel while submitting its report to the governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura unfolded a revelation of the colossal damages perpetrated by the management who are returning their loot.

Some of the sins of the three management staff include the diversion of Pay As You Earn, PAYE, amounting to N32million deducted from staff salary monthly, money that was supposed to be remitted to the State Board Of Internal Revenue Service but the money developed wings into the thin air.

Other sins of Dr. Silas now Runkpa was the disappearance of undisclosed money generated from IGR mounting to N400 million to N450million annually.

No single structure was built by the former Rector from the money generated from IGR instead minor renovations was carried out which did not commensurate with the amount generated from 2014 to the day they were fired.

The erstwhile Rector now Dogagbo Runkpa was involved in seminars and Workshops Jamboree as outsiders were given the chance of traveling out of the country.

Other obstacles he left behind was the payment of percentage to the last set of beneficiaries of Tertiary Education Trust Fund, a development that foisted some of them to give up while few that benefited has to change the institution.

A competent source told universalreportersng.com that one of the beneficiaries who secured admission in the UK was compelled to change his institution to India whose cost of the study was less, our feelers said the staff supposed to be given N30million but ended up getting N17million.

He further maintained that some of the beneficiaries were given documents to fill few days after the investigative panel commenced their assignment.

The disengagement of 82 engaged staff leading to litigation by one Mansur is a bad signal of misappropriation and misapplication of exalted office.

Is no longer news that no single course was on interim accreditation but instead even those on interim accreditation lost their status leaving the entire courses unaccredited?

One of such courses is Estate Management, a course offering  Higher National Diploma programme, the course no longer admits students due to the cloudy atmosphere created by Dr.Silas Gyar who is reaping what he sowed.

Some of the sins of Gyar also lead to the rejection of the former TETFUND Desk Officer who transfer his service to the Federal University, Lafia as the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic was constituted amongst the seven members of the investigative panel.

ASUP Chairman Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Paul Useni in an interview recently urged the State Government not to hesitate to release the white paper of the investigative panel.

He urged State governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to also implement the recommendations of the visitation panel headed by the sacked Rector.

When contacted by universalreportersng.com, he refused to answer calls put through to his phone as well as SMS sent to his phone.

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It would be recalled that the terms of reference of the committee include

  1. To examine and appraise the general administration of the

Nasarawa State Polytechnic as regards the roles of the Governing Council, the management, and the Academic Board.

  1. To examine the financial management of the institution, including Tax Administration I.e PAYE, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax and Development Levy and whether such deductions have been remitted to the appropriate authorities in compliance with financial regulations, Tax laws, and other extant rules and regulations.
  2. To determine the sources of funding of the institution in terms of both IGR, grants and other interventions including TETFUND as well applications of the funds and whether they are in conformity with financial regulations and other relevant extant rules and regulations.
  3. To determine factors that led to the non-accreditation of some courses offered in the institution.
  4. To examine staff recruitment, their qualifications, and staff Development policy as well as staff and students disciplinary policies of the Polytechnic.
  5. To examine the admission policies of all programmes.

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