Enugu Govt House And The Cycle Of Madness By Obinna Akukwe

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The cycle of madness associated with Enugu State Government House have resonated again with the domestic incarceration of the wife of the Governor, Clara, by the governor, Sullivan, on accounts of acts tending towards madness. The cycle of madness in Lion Building Enugu started during the era of the immediate past governor, Chimaraoke Nmamani. There is wide belief among the political class in the state especially among the governor’s aides that there is an occasional act of violence associated with the ex-governor which was interpreted to be seasonal madness.

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An aide of the governor confided that at one point, former President Olusegun Obasanjo was called in and he took the ex-governor to a spiritualist somewhere in Owo, Ogun State while another aide claimed that Obasanjo helped the ex-governor with some spiritualists, after which temporary normalcy returned.
Another aide told stunned friends at an occasion that at one point the former governor asked one of his orderlies to slap his wife. The police sergeant or so obeyed the instruction of the governor and manhandled the wife. When the governor became sober the following day, he called for the sergeant, queried and harassed him for having the audacity to slap the wife. The estranged police detail quietly absconded from Government House duty post and later the police force for fear of the governor’s reprisals. Another aide swore that whenever the madness comes, his chief of staff, Sam Ejiofor used spiritual powers to control the situation. Some other persons believe that the madness is as a result of fighting the fiery preacher, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka and the death of adoration worshippers.
Whichever is true among all these theories, it is obvious that Chimaraoke Nnamani , throughout his campaign period, between 1998 and 1999, never exhibited any acts of madness. Throughout the campaign period, Chimaraoke exhibited refined and civilized mien. He associated with everybody, and brewed no class; He equally developed agenda meant to transform the state to be the industrial hub of the South East. Therefore, whatsoever made this man act irrationally when he became governor must have been waiting for him in that Lion Building.
Clara Chime, the governor’s second wife, whose parents hails from Umunede, Isuochi in Imo State has no record of madness in their family. This lady and their family was close to the family of former President Yar’adua ‘s from when the latter was governor in Katsina till they moved to Aso Rock, Abuja. Their closeness was such that the late president’s daughters have visited their Isuochi hometown on two occasions. There is absolutely nothing in mien, disposition, character or otherwise to suggest emotional swing of temperament as being alleged against her until she married Sullivan and moved to that same Lion Building.
That Lion Building has been associated with all sorts’ of evil, fornication, adultery, rituals, murder, blackmail, sycophancy, thuggery, cultism and disdain for God, religion, and godly association. No wonder the spirit of madness revolves around that place and anybody whose spirit is porous; it jumps inside and begins to operate.
Since Chimaraoke left the place, he has become the perfect gentleman he used to be. Most probably the day Clara leaves that place and gets fresh air somewhere else, she would become the humble, courageous and friendly being which is her normal self.

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