Engr. A.A Sule Candidacy Deal With Close Al-Makura’s Aides And The Looming Danger In Nasarawa APC

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Baring any last minute change in their destructive plans, a prominent member of the Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura led government from Karu Local Government in active conivance with a brother and nephew of the governor who are also influential and strategic members of the government are on the verge of altering the fortunes of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Nasarawa State.


The trio, it was reliably gathered, entered a deal with Engr. A.A Sule, Ag. MD of Dangote Sugar Refinery and one of the APC governorship aspirants in Nasarawa State. The deal is not about what will impact the party or the life of the average Nasarawa man or woman. It is centered on self-interest were money exchanged hands, properties bought for them and dubious offers given for them to cede the APC ticket to Engr. A.A Sule.


Having accepted the offer, the trio are leveraging on their proximity with Governor Al-Makura to coarced the governor to cede the party’s ticket to Engr. A.A Sule, their pay master. Damning reactions have continue to trail the deal since it got public. Not a few faithfuls of the party are pertubed about the consequency that will follow. It is not difficult to see the looming danger. Any observer of Nasarawa politics knows that Engr. A.A Sule is a perfect example of a diasporan politician. He is a political non-entity with no acceptability with the masses. He has no credentials that can intimidate anybody when it comes to electoral value. He remains a hard sell as far the 2019 election is concern.


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Watchers of Nasarawa political trajectory knows that A.A Sule is not delivable candidate as so many factors are standing on his way. Even in his local government of Akwanga, he is not at home with the people. In his zone of Nasarawa North, he is not on ground. His name does not ring bell in the zone. Though he has in the past contested for the governorship, he has remained politically unnoticed.


Another staging odd against the purpoted A.A Sule candidacy is the political zone he came from. The zone is the smallest interms of voting strength in Nasarawa State. As meager as the zone is, A.A Sule lacks the capacity to deliver the zone to the APC. He can not even boast of appreciable followers in Gudi, his hometown. Even within Nasarawa North, Selling the candidature of A.A Sule will be a herculean task that no political party desirous of winning election should undertake. THOUSANDS OF A.A SULE CAN NOT WIN A SINGLE LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN NASARAWA NORTH FOR THE APC. Thousands of his likes cannot stand the way of the PDP and APGA in that zone.


What benefit will it then be for the APC to have such a political liability as its candidate; a candidate that for now has no guarantee of winning his ward and local government.


Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura must decisively steped in to save the APC from this looming danger. The governor and the party must get it right to avoid ceding the state to the rampaging opposition. They should not over-stretched their luck. Public perceptions matters in politics and must be central in any genuine political calculations. The governor’s aides at the center of this leprous and destructive deal must be stoped from trading with the fortunes of the party on the alter of self-interest. These aides who are now masquerading as kingmakers cannot mobilize for the party yet want to rubbish and scheme out those that can. The people of Nasarawa State are looking up for the APC. The party must not let them down at this critical time that they desire continuity and consolidation.


Fielding or imposing Engr. A.A Sule is one big hitch that could potentially led to the APC  loosing the governorship of the state. These fortune traders and political entreprenuers should know that they cannot force an unpopular candidate on the masses. And if they succeeded in leveraging on their proximity to the governor to force an unpopular candidate on the party, they cannot force the electorate to vote for him in the general election. The problem with us is that we are poor students of history. We must not forget the events and shenanigans that led to the emergence of Umaru Tanko Al-Makura as a CPC governor in 2011. They should be reminded that party membership and loyalty is by choice. The party is not a prison yard where members, followers and sympathizers are inmates who are bereft of liberties and rights. You don’t impose an unpopular candidate on the electorate and expect to win election. People’s yearnings must be yielded to in preparation for the 2019 governorship. General acceptability matters


Governor Al-Makura must urgently check this cancerous antics of his closest aides, failure of which the good people of Nasarawa State will simply do by rejecting it. The people have since saw through their satanic and interest- driven deal and will reject it at the poll. The governor must without further delay move in and rescue the All Progressives Congress in Nasarawa State so as to shore up its fortune before the 2019 election. That is the only way to show his innocence and disapproval of the much talked about deal between Engr. A.A Sule and his key appointees some of whom he has blood ties with.



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