2019 Senate: Farouk Mustapha: The Panacea to Bauchi North

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Salahuddeen Yakubu Gwani

Farouk Mustapha

As another  echoes of  political activities gathers momentum tilting towards 2019 general election its resonating permutations  appears glaring in sending rhythmic sounds in our vicinity hence, setting the centre stage for voters in support of credible candidate in respect of the scored cards Of  our current political office holders who still beat their chest for continuity With many hiding under President Muhammadu Buhari to wield for power,  this is coming at a time when some  aspirants of various political seats into the executive and legislative domains seems to have lost political relevance in their respective constituency even after a span of four years in office they could not put food on the table of their voters in line with their so-called  manifestos

Now that its another political harvest ahead of 2019 election, since they have commence introducin deathly strategies in their desperation to woo same voters they alleged to have abandoned  and took  refuge in Abuja Without home calling apparently to add value to the people. There is no gain saying that such politician had during campaigns period promised to build bridge even when there is no river in their deceptive manner to be voted, but soon after victor at polls, they foolishly changed their cell phone lines either black listed their supporters, admirers and finally shuts their gates at the end short cut home visits.

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But to Bauchi North, it appears Faruk Mustpha remain the inevitable Senatorial solution in 2019 election following his pedigree and as a philantrophist who has from birth coin a genuine desire to liberate his people from the shackles of poverty, hunger determine to revolutionalise the senatorial district.

At the cradle, Faruk Mustapha had considers Hunan development as a catalysts worried by the indices of wants and need attributed to misplacement of priority among political office holders and that inform a clarion call on him not to hesitate in contesting the senate slot in Bauchi North armed with vast of experience to rekindle the hope of the common man.

However, its candid that the call on Faruk Mustapha to join the senatorial race  is timely and coming at a time his service is required by all sundry because he so much believed in carrying the youths, women along being a vehicles of every policy implementation and as stakeholders

Its disheartening to note that Nigeria and Bauchi North inclusive had in the past erroneously mis placed their mandates to unpopular politicians through god-fatherism and the resultant consequence has always been under-development but with Faruk Mustapha his versatility  and good track of records has vindicated him for the great task ahead

Faruk Mustapha is a tested and trusted politician who  once represented katagum federal constituency in the lower chamber national assembly having meet the standard of yearning and aspirations  of the people who voted him then especially being closed to the people.  Hence, this development, tend to accord serious  attention to traditional and religious leaders  from our communities contributing positively to direct democracy through exchanging of views which is a scarce commodity currently.

Faruk Mustapha had while in office  impacted  positively on educational development determined to empower many students who failed their SSCE by forming a tutorial class to remedy their area of weakness and funded their registration for their SSCE examination; hundred students per annum. The philanthropist sponsored students to study at the tertiary institution level in the universities and colleges across the federation to bring forth a giant striding constituency that would contribute towards the development of humanity in the state and nation at large. Further distribution of books, desks and other teaching and learning materials in the schools within the katagum constituency. With education at the centerpiece of his projects, he astutely gave the people the liberty to create, invest and to prosper to the highest horizon.

Obviously, all these  others are golden reasons why Faruk deserved non negotiable support to  him to contest for the seat of bauchi north senatoria district. This is truly a chance for the people of this respective district to join hands together and get rid of the incumbent scourge.

Comrade Salahuddin Yakubu Gwani

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