Emmanuel TV Reconstruct A Collapsed School In Ecuador

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Emmanuel TV financed and worked with a group of foreign volunteers to re-build the school Juan Lorenzo Anapa, located in the Chachi community in the afro descendant province of Esmeraldas, in Northern Ecuador, South America.

Emmanuel TV is an international TV Station and NGO, with headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by T.B. Joshua, a philanthropist, who has been responding to individual and societal needs both in Ecuador and other parts of the world.

Speaking on behalf of his government, the Ecuadorian Ambassador to Nigeria Leopoldo Rovayo said the humanitarian aid provided by Emmanuel TV, words cannot express how much they value and appreciate his efforts. As well as taking time to contact the Embassy, receiving and granting him interview at his headquarter in Lagos May 2016 when he (Ambassador) visited.

The school was affected by the earthquake that took place in April 2016.  The organization did not only rebuilt a school but also distributed twenty tons of humanitarian aid to 1000 families said the Ambassador.

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