Eid El-Kabir: Nasarawa Governor Sues For Peaceful Co-existence Among Heterogeneous Tribes

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Rabiu Omaku

Nasarawa State Governor, Engr.Abdullahi Alhaji.Sule has enjoined the people of Nasarawa State to leave in peace amongst the diversify tribes.


The Governor stated this shortly after Eid El-Kabir prayer at Gudi, his country home,Sule while addressing the Council of Ulamas and well-wishers at his abode sue for peaceful co-existence amongst people devoid of religion and tribe.


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He enjoined the people of Nasarawa State to leave as brothers and sisters to fear God where ever they are.


Calling on Muslims to abide by the virtues and tenet of Islam, he further called on people of the State to inculcate the moral lessons of Eid El-Kabir by applying it to daily life.


Saying the State Government do will all it possible best to meet up to the yarning and aspirations of the governed.

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