Eggon militants Collected N171, 000 ransom, But Are Yet To Release Our Son–Relative to Missing SSS Operative By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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One year to be precisely today 7/5/2014 when over 105 security agents were brutally killed by Ombatse militia at Alakyo village of Nasarawa state, it could be recalled that the chief priest of Ombatse, Baba Alakyo in an interview with journalist aftermath of the massacre revealed that the security operatives were killed by his god.

Allu Agu in an interview granted journalist when senator Solomon Ewuga, father of Eggon politics lead reporters to Alakyo village said the security agents were drunked and fired by his gods is a misleading notion, It was a complete shocker  Aunty to Peter Samuel an SSS who was among those deployed to bring Baba Alakyo death or alive has open the can of worms that she was duped of by some Eggon militants of  N171,000 with the hope that her cousin will be released  but after 6 months nothing has change.
Aunty Ruth Gado in an interview unfolded that people confirmed to be Ombatse members called her son   Joe from Jos and unveiled that Peter Samuel is in Adogi.
“A caller from Adogi communicate with Joe from Jos that we should go to Adogi  and carry our son who is a member of the State Security Service, said Aunty Ruth, who maintain  that Peter is her  nephew and  has been staying with her for years even before he join SSS.
My son went to Adogi in the process of bringing back his cousin brother back instead it was a complete twist of even as he was taken along side two unknown Eggons who  toke him to an unknown destination.
The aged mother averred that after her younger son was taken to unknown location with his face close, She further said the journey toke her son twenty five minute to reach their destination.
“On reaching the quit house they open my son’s eye and asked him to identify Peter Samuel out of the three victims”, after identifying his brother they still cover his eyes with a mask and bring him back to GSS Adogi where they pick me up”.
After his visit to their den, The demanded for N5,000 which they will cover medical treatment fee and they also demanded for N10,000 meant for his feeding and again N150,000,The money they demanded is almost N171,000,after a while when they ask the mother who was my sister to paid another ransom she refuse and even ask them to go ahead and fulfilled their wishes.
“Has im talking to you now his mobile phone is ringing but it was a lady that is picking the calls”
“Apart from the vacuum created with the absence of Peter they are demanding for money on several occasions”.
The first call  his mother to settle some money meant for his medical care as well to  offset his feeding, In this regard we sold his Jincheng motorcycle    to meet their demands but we are still waiting for our son.
Government should please do something about our son who escaped Alakyo killings was placed under house arrest over six months, As of this time we are still anxious  to see that our son returns alive.
While commenting on the N100m pledged by Northern Governors Forum to support widows of Alakyo killings, wives of the slain officer’s described the pledge as a political talk, Aunty Ruth.
The disturbed aged woman commended the support accord them by the Government of Nasarawa state as well the DSS for the financial support given to the family of peter Samuel, Calling on DSS to make concerted effort to discover the whereabouts of their son who she was enthusiastic was still alive
Also our reporter who visited Elizabeth Onoja,Wife of late Inspector confided the trepidation  she passed through in the last 365 days after the demise of their bread winner in Alakyo, She described the one year as a trying moment .
“Is a herculean task to paid school fees of my children, His absence potent great peril to the household?
As at the time of filling this report the state Police Public Relation Officer, ASP,Numan decline to calls
policemen who died during the incident whose corpse were retrieved and
released to their families for burial include:
1.Assistant Commissioner of
Police (ACP) Mohammed Ozi Momoh, 2.superintendent of Police (SP)
3.Aliyu Jibrin Zing,
4.Inspectors Ibrahim Audu
4.Garba Yakubu
5.Isiaka Momoh
6. Christian Ibekwe
7.Sergeants Audu Zarwata
8 Joseph Ovhokwunu
9.Gapani Sanda
10. Micah Manga
11.Shu’aibu Abdulraman
12.Gangven Yaknan
13.Sunday John.
14.Corporals Dogara Igene
15.Nanlong Joseph
16.Lengme Mbok
17.Philip Bitrus
18.Zakariah Benjamin
19. Daniel John
20.Disuku Beti
21.Isiaka Yusuf
22.Kabiru Umar
23.Garba Mamman
24.Michael Onoja
25.Ocheli S
26. John Jerome
27. Habila Tasha,
28.Onoji Wilson
29.Matthew Onoja
30.Emmanuel Audu
31.Emmanuel Ari
32.Abdullahi Ishaku,
33.Robert Arome
34.Apagu Chinda
35.Ishaya John
36.Godiya Markus
37.Zailani Ali.
37.onstables Ibrahim Hamawa
38. Ekpo Ongye
39.Ediga Obiabo
40.Martins Danpankshim
41. Ibrahim Sale also died and have been buried.
Policemen whose corpses were said not to have been found and believed by
police authorities to have died during the attack, include
42 Insp. Sunday Onoja 43. Sgt. Joseph Amanabo
44.Sgt. Hassan Daniel
45.Sgt. Mu’azu Daniel
46.Sgt.Stephen Thomas
47. Sgt Gideon Fadah
48.Cpl. Bulama Lawal
49.Cpl. James Ishaku,
50.Cpl. Usman Umar
51.Cpl. Damodu Gameraja
52.Cpl. John Vani
53.Cpl. Dogara Yohanna,
54 Cpl Jerome John
55.Cpl. Daman David
56.Cpl. Umar Adams
57.Cpl. Ishaya Kulebe,
58Cpl. Audu Nanpon
59.Cpl. Adams Ojepa
60.Cpl. Garba Mamman
61 Cpl. Umar Adams.
Among policemen said to have survived the ambush without injuries are
62.Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Emmanuel Katai
63.ASP Igbinoba Nelson
64.Sgt. Peter Namko
65.Sgt. Jibrin Saidu
66.Cpl. Simon Haruna
67.Cpl. Ayuba Peter
68.Cpl.. Habila Samuel
68.Cpl. Enugu Baba,
69.Cpl Abubakar Abdullahi,
70.Cpl.Aku Madela
71. Cpl. Daniel Omiraji
72.Cpl. Daniel Haruna,
73 Cpl. Emmanuel Tella,
74.Cpl. Bala Yohanna
75.Cpl. Abel Sule
76.Cpl. Cheto Emmanuel
77.Constables Sunday
79. Musa Usman
80. Jatau Ayuba.
Those said to have returned alive with varying degree of injuries are
81.Cpl. John Daniel
82. Cpl. Haruna Alhassan
83.Cpl. Garba Dayyabu,
84. Cpl. Silas Musa,
85.Cpl. Dahiru Ibrahim
86.Cpl. Murtala Mallam
87.Cpl. Ishaku John
88.Cpl. Omiragi Daniel
89 Police Constable Ojo Musa
90.Aliyu Shehu
91.Paul Samuel
92.Nimpol Steven
94.Thomas Nomsule
95.Salihu  Suhununu
96.Timma Darfa
97.Daniel Johnpaul
98. Mohammed Gobir
99.Julius  Ber
100.Benjamin  Abughul
1.9 Auto 06 rifles
2.47 AK47
3.1 K2 rifle
4.3 long range gunners
5.2 pistols
6.1.818 ammunitions
7.185 smoke cartridge
8.10 sss operational arms

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