EFCC Boss Trial: Stop Hiding The Truth From Nigerian Citizens-CBN Dalan Blasts Govt

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Yakubu Busari

A Jos base Legal practitioner ,Barr C.N.B Dalan has raised concerned that the federal government of Nigeria should live up to their responsibility of  making the trial of the former  suspended Economic and financial Crime Commission ,EFCC  ,Mr Ibrahim Magu a public  hearing rather than hidden it from Nigerian and making the exercise  into presidency affairs.


Dalan disclosed this to some media at living Best Multi Business Ltd 25 Ahmadu Bello way Behind Jaiz Bank ,Jos Plateau state .


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He frowned at the situation were the federal government of Nigeria is now secretly conducting the trial of Magu inside the presidency instance of taken the exercise to the public domain were Nigerian citizens can watch  it themselves.


Barr Daplan says, the EFCC boss is a citizens of Nigeria and he is paid with the tax payers money so it is not right we shouldn’t make  his trial as a secret agenda .


He condemned that the way and manner the EFCC boss was remove out of office on allegations of corruption call for urgent concerted and is a disturbing issue for Nigerian .


He cautioned that “I think that the panel set by Mr President should be impartial by doing the right thing and they should ensure thorough investigation without bias at the end of the day Nigerian would commend  their effort.


Daplan maintained that let its not be part of the reports that can be kept under the carpet  we ask them to allow the cause take it cost .


He stressed that section 36 of the 1999 constitution amended on fundamental organic law of the federal law caution the conduct .


Speaking on the Covid-19  ,Barr Daplan Says ,government have hijack the process leaving the health workers outside the entire system with lamentation which has led us to the wide spread of the disease .


He emphasized that ,” I look with concerted effort of how Nigerian whether at the local ,state and federal governments they didn’t allow the health workers to handle the management of the virus .


We advise government on how to mitigate the covid-19 so I think as that point that government should take serious measure to stop the spread of the disease.


In another way government has done her best by ensuring that the entire country was under lockdown to prevent the disease from transmission from one person to another person but the attitude of our people is still very worrisome .


Barr Daplan reiterated that the removal of Ibrahim Magu and setting up panel of investigation by President Muhammadu Buhari to allow justice Salami to probe also raised fundamental question why the  investigation Magu been conducted within the presidency or Villa not in a public place were Nigerian would watch and see with their own eyes and follow the proceeding.


He lamented that the investigation conducted within presidency is not acceptable, we see that the President has promulgated to say that Ibrahim Magu is a citizen of Nigeria and was paid by tax payers money so is not right.


Barr Daplan explained that since the outbreak of Covid-19 ,you would agree that Nigerian we are not helping ourselves on government and the entire system one of the restrictions order is wearing of facemask, hand washing ,observe physical distances and quite a number of people who are require to obey the simple order have refused to respect that order.



He advised government on the probe of the EFCC boss that they should be transparent in their conduct because Nigerian are watching within the country of what is happening to me let the right thing be done under justice Salami  ,he should ensure that justice is done to him and those saddle with the responsibility to be upright.

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