Ebola Disease In Nigeria Is A Punishment From God Says Emir Of Kanam By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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  • Commends FG On Ebola Containment

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The Emir of Kanam in Kanam Local Government Area of Plateau state HRH , Mohammadu Babangida Mua’azu  has commended administration of President Goodluck Jonathan for taking proactive measure towards contending the  scourge of Ebola virus also caution traditional village heads on local method stressing is God punishment for our sin .

Speaking to Journalists  at his palace in Kanam Local government area  yesterday the Royal father also called on federal government to take proactive measures in tackling the security challenges in the same way they are handling Ebola virus disease.

In addition ,the Emir also  tasked politicians in Nigeria to be God  fearing  because most of them have turn their back on God .

Mua’azu stressed the need for people to maintain hand washing, cleanliness and personal hygiene

He lamented that the big problem that is  facing us today in Nigeria is that after  electing our leaders into office most of them abandoned the poor masses who were  used during electioneering campaign.
He hinted that  the scourge of  Ebola virus being experienced all over the world is a sign of punishment  from God that we   have turn away from God , so there is need for everyone to remain faithful to him.

Mua’azu cautioned leaders to shun violence ,religion ,ethnic or inflammatory statements that are  capable of breaking the country .
He explained that Nigeria wiil not disintegrate before 2015 assuring people that God will not allow evil to befall his people   because there are people who serve him with genuine purpose.
Mohammadu Babagida advice parents to instill  discipline and commitment in the lives of the youth .
 The Emir also advocated for inter- tribal marriage as panacea to peace building in which we can regain our  loss glory and the  mother tongues  .
Mua’azu noted  that the challenges of allowing our  sons  to get married outside our tribes lead  to the decay in moral upbringing of children.
He appealed that  government should introduce cultural and moral value in the proposed curriculum so that it will help  us develop .

Speaking on the falling standard of education in Nigeria ,the Royal father urged government to rededicated more effort in the fight again poverty ,corruption .
Mua’azu charged the youths to take their future with all seriousness  not to allow themselves to be used by politicians during elections.

He emphasized further that the current Boko Haram threats is a global security problem.

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