Drama As Plateau APC Commissioner Nominee Pledged Her Loyalty For PDP During Her Screening   

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Yakubu Busari


Drama eschew yesterday during the screening of the Commissioner nominees at the Plateau State House of Assembly a commissioner nominee from Jos North Local Government ,Mrs. Ana Izang confirmed her unalloyed support for the victory of the People Democratic party, (PDP ).


Mrs. Ana Izang who appeared before the Honourable members of the Plateau State Eight (8) Assembly on Tuesday 27th February when it was time for her own screening exercise, it was gathered that when the House members sought to know her opinion for the APC in the forthcoming elections, Mrs. Ana Izang said: “I will work for the victory of the PDP in the forthcoming LG and general election.” This medium finding revealed that to further add to the drama, she shouted PDP, PDP, PDP.


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She vehemently told the leadership of the 8th Assembly of her plan  to mobilized all the grassroots support which triggered members attention but the Assembly leadership quickly organized all the  electronic media not to air the that part of the statement so as not to exposed the intention of the commissioner nominee ,(Mrs Ana Izang ).


According to our source that was present at the screening exercise that took place with heavy presence of APC party stalwarts at the Assembly complex all condemned the statement coming a Governor Lalong’s strong hold.


It was evident that there is no opposition on the Plateau, so worrisome that the opposition parties are focusing on frivolous clap backs, ethnic jingoism, religious sentiments and tribalistic chants to fuel its propaganda against the current administration of Governor Simon Bako Lalong.


But this is an indication of poor nomination of incompetent commissioners who stood with the opposition party in their constructive criticism based on facts, figures and developmental indices which is paramount to the success of the Lalong Projects on the Plateau.


Plateau opposition has been reduced to Stomach Infrastructure Opposition, where people oppose LALONG at daytime and visit him at night for a pot of porridge.


It is evident that we have PDP youths and leaders at day and APC at night.


It is laughable but a cause for concern as opposition is a vital instrument in our fledgling democracy, said an opposition party member.


“The opposition is indispensable. A good statesman, like any other sensible human being, always learns more from his opponents than from his fervent supporters. For his supporters will push him to disaster unless his opponents show him where the dangers are.  So if he is wise he will often pray to be delivered from his friends, bad supporters because they will ruin him. But though it hurts, he ought also to pray never to be left without opponents; for they keep him on the path of reason.


At the moment, LALONG reappointment of commissioners is his own opposition as PDP will churn out JT Useni and 17 others aspirants vying to contest against the incumbent Governor, political pundits are of confident to say that Useni and others may likely clinch the PDP ticket judging by how PDP conducts its delegates election where the Highest bidder always carry the day against credible candidates.


Its suffice to say there is no opposition on the Plateau but pockets  of people making cacophony of noise to be relevant in the scheme of things, the few ones  bringing credible opposition to the table are a meagre 5% of the opposition sum.


“Plateau Opposition’s are on the basis of tribe, religion, ethnicity or out of sheer hate for those in authority “, Governor Lalong constructive criticism is fundamental to the success of Governance.

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