How Dr Bukola Saraki Paid For His Political Funeral

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Come rain, shine, dust or snow a Politician will always remain a Politician with those on the Political Frontline focused on the “Next election” (Political office) without first asking. Will I be alive, well and healthy by the next election? This is the gospel truth that even the most cunning cannot politicize, exacerbated by weak Institutions and ill informed  population.

For a fact. To be the man in Nigeria political equation you must not only beat the man, but bury him politically, such Machiavellian view is the intrinsic reality of politics (Obedient to none and loyal only to itself) With an ever blotted ego to be fed without giving “A DEMN” who will be waiting while inevitably descending from the Political Pyramid.

Being a politician is not always an envious responsibility, a single action can open the door to secrets with hearth bugling consequences. Irrespective of the context from which an action is taken, it can still be used against you (Propaganda) in a different context or environment.

However. Operational independence of the Parliament is a fundamental pinnacle of Democracy. Nonetheless, if any, It will be hypocritical caused not pointing out the ECONOMIC SIN of Dr Bukola Saraki against the Masses of Kwara state for any reason under the sun. Love him or not Saraki has completed the transformation of power in Kwara state from his father, the late Dr Olushola Saraki (R.I.P) to himself as the (CEO) So gentlemen and ladies please welcome the President of the Nigerian senate. A man whose ambitions, doggedness supersedes his appearance. A Senate president who says he could not remember any of the charges instituted against him at the CCT a claim which I think was a joke gone too far.

Before the 2015 General election, I opined that Dr Saraki already has his eyes on 2019 with his greatest opponent being his calculative political adventure. Irrespective of any word used Dr Saraki remains the undisputed political landlord of Kwara state same as what obtains in other climes.

For a fact. The political terrain in Nigeria remains systematiclly built and sustained on the political weakness of the majority. As such, Dr Saraki is not alone in it. Infact, this is a game unlike any other with unpredictable political consequences.

After the 2015 it was expected that the Law of Natural Selection be followed by installing APC Minority leaders as the new Senate President and Speaker (same position Saraki now decried for the NASS Clark) in addition to laying low for the dust to settle while operating strategically against 2019 from the background and still remain a political hero for putting his political relevance/legacy on the line in 2015 a credit that has now gone futile.

Irrespective of Saraki’s trial being a Witch hunt or not. Nigerians will emerge the substantive winner indicated by the exposure of the excesses in parliamentary budget and remorseless criminality of constituency projects and committees.

Evidently. We are the greatest obstacle to our national development. Exemplified by going to political war and information battle among ourselves for an individual charge for stealing our common patrimony. Even as he is still making frantic moves to scuttle his trial instead of allowing for fast tracking the trial process and vindicating his travesty.

A situation of this complexity also calls for effectual investigative journalism to help Nigerians know the story behind the headlines and assist those who wish to remove their trousers through the head to do so.As a political Scientist, it is also my believe that certain deduction from the trial can be made as follows.

– Dr Saraki may have mortgaged his effort to the APC and the electorate for Senate Presidency.

– The attempt to quash the legal proceeding was a wrong move peculiar with fishing in the basket or worst off, an attempt to build and use a road on top of the red sea instead of using a flight.

– If Dr Saraki had gone to declare his candidacy at the senate chamber in the presence of the majority of APC senators he may have still emerged senate president without staging a parliamentary coup of sorts.

– Outside of Kwara state Saraki may have lost the political goodwill of Northern and southern electorates and being closely monitored (Distrust) by the PDP as a man with  ambitions.

-Most Nigerians seem to believe that going against the APC in the first place has made himself politically vulnerable and will have to deal with Tinubu tactically and President Muhammadu Buhari’s unequal resolve against corruption.

– His clique of “Like-mind” Senators was ill evaluated as most of them are being attracted by financial reward through committee chairmanship positions and even if they saw him off to the edge of the cliff going down none will go down with him.

So should Saraki step down for more consultation or wait for the undertaker?

“May God save Nigeria from enemies within and without”

Tsado Mohammed.

[email protected]

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